Winsol Review – #UPDATE It’s good but I’ve found better..

Every day I get emails asking if something works like this one I got about Winsol.

Does this Winsol stuff do anything or would I be wasting my money?

Well seeing as I’ve used it I thought I’d write this post about it to drop some knowledge.

First of all I’ll let me just say this..

Winsol does work and is great for athletic performance.

But if your goal is to burn fat and show off your hard earned muscles then there are better choices than Winsol.

If I were to use just one product for cutting it would be Clenbutrol which I think goes great with Anvarol but if you throw in some Winsol you have a knockout combination.

So what is Winsol?

If you’ve read my Crazy Bulk review then you’ll know that Winsol is the legal steroids alternative to a popular steroid known as Winstrol.

Back at the 1988 Olympics Winstrol gained fame when the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson won a gold medal and later tested positive for this performance enhancing drug.

He smoked the competition which included Carl Lewis a man everyone thought was unbeatable at the time.

Ever since then athletes, bodybuilders and anyone who wants a performance advantage have turned to Winstrol.

Nowadays people are looking for alternatives that won’t show up on drug tests and don’t have any side effects which is why the Crazy Bulk supplement Winsol is now gaining in popularity.

I mean Winstrol does have some pretty nasty side effects;

  • It’s known to increase your bad cholesterol levels to a very unsafe amount.
  • Whether you take the injection or the pill Winstrol can be very toxic to the liver.
  • Acne.
  • Hair loss.
  • Man boobs.

As you can see there are some pretty terrible side effects BUT these do not apply to the natural supplement Winsol which has almost zero side effects.

This is why anyone who is thinking of trying Winstrol should consider trying Winsol first.

If you’re about to start cutting weight after a bulk then read this..

“I bought Winsol from the Crazy Bulk website because I’m trying to burn off 10 lbs after my most recent bulk.

To be honest with you I think it was great at helping me workout longer but I don’t think it helped me burn much fat.

So I bought their cutting stack and burned off the 10 pounds of fat in less than 4 weeks.

It’s a good stack because the Winsol helps you workout longer and the Clenbutrol and Anvarol help you burn fat and give you energy.

Plus I burned off the 10 pounds so fast that I still have some left over for my next cut.”

I think that pretty much sums Winsol up.

It’s a great performance booster and if you play any kind of sport then your should definitely give it a try.

You can get 20% off Winsol here.

Thanks for reading and if you have a question about Winsol then post it in the comment box below!

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Hey Jack I agree for cutting Clenbutrol is better but for performance Winsol is excellent. They both have their place imo.

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