Will Cardio Prevent Muscle Growth?

“Don’t do cardio! It stops you from building muscle and you’ll lose all your gains!”

I’ve overheard this more than once at the gym before, and it always makes me laugh.

People get so worried about adding cardio to their bodybuilding routines that they eliminate it entirely, which is not a smart idea by any means.

Sure, hours and hours of aerobic training each week is not a good idea when you are trying to build muscle mass fast.

But 20-30 minutes a few times a week is not going to affect your muscle building progress assuming that your diet is adequate.

Simply but, some cardio in your bodybuilding training routine is essential, whether you are a skinny hardgainer, or bulky endomorph body type.

Let me ask you this..

Is there any point of building muscle if it’s hidden under your body fat?

You see, it’s very likely that you will pack on body fat if you do not perform any cardio during your weight training routine, so my advice is that if you are not performing cardio in your bodybuilding routine now, you start right now.

So here’s the skinny on cardio and bodybuilding..

Benefits of Adding Cardio To Your Bodybuilding Routine

  • Increased appetite – Leads to higher calorie intake helping increase muscle gains.
  • More muscle definition – No more skinny fat guy syndrome!
  • Reduced muscle sorness after weight workouts (DOMS) – Cardio helps flush acid and other impurities out of the blodd
  • Increased weight workout volume – A stronger CV system helps pump more blood to the muscles faster allowing you to increase the volume of your weight workouts.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity – Allows for more efficient utilization of dietary carbohydrates in restoring glycogen and stimulation of protein synthesis.

Best Type Of Cardio Training For Bodybuilders

The best type of cardio training to add to your bodybuilding program is one that is low duration and high intensity.

Interval training is ideal.

The bottom line…

Adding a few short, highly intense cardio sessions each week to your bodybuilding training routine is a good thing.

It will keep you lean and healthy and improve the efficiency of your body.

It will not hinder your muscle gains no matter what your body type.

I’d like to hear your comments and experiences on cardio and bodybuilding, so please make a post below!

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