So I’ve been asked a few times recently to write about this product called Trenorol.

Is it a pile of sh*t or does it actually work?

Well that’s what I’m going to answer today.

First of all Trenorol is an alternative to the steroid Trenbolone which is probably one of the most popular steroids among bodybuilders because it’s extremely effective at helping you build muscle.

The main benefits are;

  • It increases the rate of protein synthesis so that your body can build muscle faster.
  • It increases the amount of nitrogen your muscles can store. Nitrogen is one of the main building blocks of protein so with the extra protein synthesis you’ll build muscle a lot faster.
  • Increases red blood cell count to your muscles so that you can workout for longer.
  • Helps to reduce fatigue especially after workouts.
  • Helps to burn fat while building and preserving muscle.
  • As well as increase nutrient efficiency by extracting more of the nutrients from food to improve health.
  • And lastly it helps to reduce the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is the stress hormone and the less you have of it the better as it causes fat gain and other health problems.

Most people why take Trenorol or Trenbolone are using it to build muscle and burn fat.

The first time I heard about Trenorol was on a popular bodybuilding forum.

It’s an interesting post so I’ll quote it below..

“Last year I made the decision that I didn’t want to be out of shape with the physique of a keg anymore.

I wanted to be in shape and look good.

So while my friends went out for drinks on the weekend and in the evenings I went to the gym.

I started taking Trenorol and gave the weights everything I had.

I worked harder in that gym than anyone I know.

By Christmas time I had gained 20 pounds of muscle and people started asking me for workout advice.

I started making new friends and getting invited to parties.

As I stood there surrounded by 4 beautiful women in oh so tight dresses one of them grabs my arm and says “Oh my GOD. Do you workout?!”

And that’s when it hit me.

My vision had come true.”

Cool story right?

Here’s My Experience Using Trenorol

First of all just like with D-Bal you need to take it within 45 minutes of working out so that your body can digest and have the ingredients in your system while you’re working out.

I still recommend taking a good pre workout before you start lifting as well.

And if you’re trying to build muscle then Trenorol is best combined with a high calorie diet so that your body has what it needs to gain muscle.

Now that’s out of the way what is it actually like to take?

Massive Pump: First of all I found that when I was working out I would get a massive pump very quickly.

Explosive: Not long after taking Trenorol I found that I was a lot more explosive in my workouts and was lifting heavier and heavier.

Energy and endurance: All of a sudden I was working out for hours and feeling like I could carry on for more.

Gaining muscle: Without a doubt the Trenorol helped me gain muscle quickly and was a great addition to my workouts.

I could definitely feel the difference.

I wouldn’t say that it’s as powerful as it’s counterpart Trenbolone but if you’re looking for something that is “almost” as powerful and is a lot safer and cheaper than Trenorol is something you should try.

Are there any side effects to Trenorol?

The problem with Trenbolone is that many guys can’t actually tolerate it.

There are some nasty side effects such as;

  • Some dude get man boobs or bitch tits as they are commonly known among bodybuilders.
  • Acne. Lots of guys get it on their shoulders and face.
  • Hair loss. I once saw a guy go completely bald within 2 weeks of taking Trenbolone. After he stopped taking it his hair never grew back properly again.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Insomnia. One guy I met who opened up to me told me that he went 4 days without sleeping and had to stop using it.
  • Excess sweating.
  • Anxiety.
  • And some dude can’t get a boner on it. 🙁

So yeah those are some pretty sick side effects if you take Trenbolone.

But what about Trenorol?

Well because Trenorol is made up of natural ingredients you don’t get any of the nasty side effects but you do get the awesome benefits.

So if you’ve tried Trenbolone and you suffered from any of the side effects above then give Trenorol a try.

Conclusion: One thing you need to remember is that when you use the illegal version you will lose your gains when you stop taking it.

However Trenorol will help you build pure muscle so your gains won’t disappear after you stop taking it.

If you’re looking for one of the best legal steroids to help you build some muscle then Trenorol is a great choice and you won’t be disappointed you can get 20% off Trenorol here.

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