Testo-Max Review – #TESTED Here’s the TRUTH minus the BullSh*t..

I have this friend called Joel who’s always complaining that he’s too tired to do anything so I gave him a bottle of Testo-Max and I’ll share what he had to say about it in a minute.

(Reviews) Don’t forget to checkout the NEW Testomax reviews posted here by real customers.

But first what the hell is it?

If you’ve seen my Crazy Bulk review then you’ll know that the Crazy Bulk company make what are now known as legal steroids.

These are natural supplements that are designed to mimic the effects of illegal anabolic steroids but without any of the horrible side effects.

Testo Max was built to mimic the effects of a steroid called SustanonLINK which is basically a blend of testosterones.

If your goal is to build muscle then you may want to read about D-Bal but there are other reasons that you may want to consider a testosterone boosterLink such as Testo Max.

So Why Would You Need A Testosterone Booster?

Well testosterone is what makes you a man.

When you hit puberty it’s testosterone that is responsible for making your voice change, making your balls drop, and helping you to grow stronger.

And when you grow into a man it’s testosterone that keeps you interested in sex and keeps your muscle and bones strong.

But when you reach your mid to late 20’s your testosterone levels start to decline.

So what are the symptoms that you have low testosterone and may need to supplement with a testosterone booster like Testo Max?

  • Fatigue and lack of energy.
  • Increase in body fat.
  • Inability to gain muscle from working out.
  • Mood swings.
  • Tiredness even after sleeping all night.
  • Low sex drive.
  • Difficulty achieving an erection.
  • Less semen.
  • Hair loss.

If you suffer from any of the above and you’re over 25 there’s a good chance it’s because your testosterone levels are declining.

And sadly things may only get worse.

So let me share what my friend Joel had to say about the bottle of Testo-Max I gave him..

Joel’s Testomax Review

“I’m done with my bottle of TestoMax so this is a little review for your readers. I’ll try to keep it short.

When I was younger I never exercised. When I turned 26 I worked out for a while but I didn’t get the results I wanted so I gave it up.

Now I’m 32 and until recently I couldn’t workout even if I wanted to.

I was always so tired and never had the energy any energy.

I was becoming less and less interested in sex (to the annoyance of my girlfriend.) and I was getting a right big belly.

I thought it was just a part of getting older but it turns out I probably had low testosterone.

Because after Mike gave me a bottle of this stuff called Testo Max which is a testosterone booster I noticed a difference within days of taking it.

I started waking up early in the mornings before my alarm even went off feeling wide awake.

I felt happier and started smiling more.

I had less brain fog and I could think more clearly.

I didn’t feel lethargic anymore.

Me and my girlfriend started having sex almost every day again instead of once or twice a week.

(Mike don’t tell here I wrote that OK!?)

Oh yeah and at Mikes recommendation I started working out again and have been having a great time.

In the 30 days that I’ve been taking it I’ve burnt off some belly fat and have the energy to workout for a good hour or so after work.

Now it sucks because I’ve got none left and I don’t want to go back to the way things were before.

Anyway that’s my review of Testo Max and I hope you found it helpful.

By the way Mike can you send me some more or tell me where I can buy it please?

Thanks bro.”

It makes me so happy I run a website like this where I can share stories like Joel’s.

By the way you can now buy Testo Max from the Crazy Bulk website and get 20% off Testo-Max here.

What is Testo-Max and how does it work?

Testo-Max is a supplement sold by the Crazy Bulk website created to boost testosterone levels in men.

It’s meant to be a legal steroid alternative to Sustanon.

The main ingredient is a highly concentrated dose of Tribulus Terrestris which is known for having high levels of steroidal saponins which are very effective at boosting testosterone levels.

The Tribulus Terrestris in TestoMax is standardized to a 45% concentration making it very potent and extremely effective at increasing free testosterone levels in men.

When you increase your testosterone levels you’ll start feeling younger, healthier, more energetic and you’ll build muscle and burn fat faster too.

Testo-Max FAQs

How do you take it? Each bottle comes with 90 capsules and they recommend taking 3 per day on an empty stomach before you eat breakfast.

How does it compare to Sustanon?

Here’s what one guys says who has used both;

I was injecting 1,000mg of Sustanon 250 per week and in the beginning it was really good. I built some muscle and burned off some fat and felt younger and my skin looked good but to be honest it’s expensive and I found this supplement called Testo Max that is meant to be an alternative to Sustanon and it has lots of positive reviews so I decided to give it a shot.

It’s much cheaper than the real stuff so I kind of doubted whether it would really work so I only bought one bottle to start.

They say on the bottle to take 3 before breakfast but I like to spread things out so I took one with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anyway after just one day I could feel it working. It almost felt like I was on Sustanon again.

I woke up in the morning with no grogginess at all and started to feel like I had tons of clean energy.

Within days my skin was starting to look unnaturally smooth too. My gf was like “How come your skin is looking so nice?”

When I stopped taking Sustanon I think I lost some of my muscle gains and I put on about 10lbs of fat but within a month of taking Testo Max I had burned off all that fat and gained a few lbs of muscle again.

I found this supplement really powerful when it came to working out. I’m in my early 30s but I felt like I could work out like I was 21 again.

I just feel really focused and healthy when I’m taking this stuff so I guess you could say I’m a believer.

Plus I’m really happy because Testo Max is a lot cheaper than Sustanon and as far as I can tell there’s no negative side effects and it seems to work just as good.

I’ve got another 3 bottles on the way because they have an offer where if you buy 2 you get one free so that should last me 3 months.

I can see myself taking this long term. Hope this review helps!

Is it safe to consume long term? Testo-Max is made of natural ingredients that are healthy for your body which is why so many guys are turning to legal steroids.

There are no known negative side effects and it’s something that you can take for as long as you need to reach your goal.

Testo-Max is so effective at boosting testosterone levels that when you discover all the positive benefitsLINK you probably won’t want to stop taking it which is fine because you can pretty much take it forever if you wish.

How long does it take to work?

You’ll start to feel changes within 24 hours of taking it and it’ll take a few days before you start to feel the full effects.

If your goal is to build muscle then you should combine it with either D-Bal or Trenorol because they are more effective at helping you to build muscle and the effects of Testo-Max go great with either of those.

I’m an older man is this a good product for me?

I think this product is good for all men especially those over 30 all the way up to 70+.

When you reach your 30’s your testosterone levels start to decline so you feel older, you find it harder to build muscle and you get fat quicker.

So a testosterone booster like this will work wonders for guys over 30 who feel like they’re starting to get old and need something to help them feel you again.

Guys under 28 can still use it but the guys who are going to get the most benefits are those over 30 who’s testosterone levels are declining.

Will it help me build muscle?

Yes, one benefit to increasing testosterone levels is that you’ll start to build muscle faster and more easily however if your main goal is to just build muscle then you should checkout D-Bal here as it’s more effective at helping your build muscle.

If you feel like you need a testosterone boost and you want to build muscle superfast then I would recommend combining Testo-Max with D-Bal and taking them at the same time.

Will it help me burn fat?

Yes, one of the positive effects of boosting your testosterone levels is that it will help your body to shed excess fat.

If your main goal is to burn fat then I would recommend Clenbutrol because it’s the most powerful natural fat burner that I know of right now and you can use it along with Testo-Max to burn fat and get all the benefits that come with increasing your testosterone levels.

Do I still need to take a pre-workout?

Even though you’ll feel much more energized and find that you can work out for longer I would still use a good pre-workout like this one because it’s give you that extra boost you need to get in shape.

What are the benefits of taking Testo-Max?

The main function of this supplement is that it increases your testosterone levels by quite a bit.

So here are some of the benefits of this taking Testomax;

Build muscle faster: When you increase your testosterone levels your body starts to synthesize protein more effectively and because protein is the main building block when it comes to building muscle you’ll find that you start to gain muscle faster and more easily.

This is especially true if you’re following a workout routine and making sure that you’re getting plenty of protein into your diet.

Burn fat faster: When your testosterone levels rise your cortisol and estrogen levels start to decrease too which is a good thing because it helps prevent your body from storing so much fat.

Your metabolism will also start to speed up too so your body will start to burn more fat for fuel.

When you put these 2 together you’ll find that your body burns through fat like a machine and that you can eat more and not get fat.

Better workouts: When you take Testo-Max your body will start to produce more red blood cells which will help to carry more oxygen around the body.

So, you’ll find that you can work out extra hard because your muscles have plenty of oxygen during your workouts for you to lift heavier and for longer.

More energy: When your testosterone levels go up your body starts to become more efficient at fuelling itself so you’ll find that you have more energy throughout the day.

You’ll also notice some other benefits like being able to get out of bed easier in the mornings.

And if you usually suffer from afternoon slumps then you’ll find Testo-Max very beneficial because many users are reporting that they don’t feel so tired in the afternoons anymore and they’re able to get more done.

A healthy glow: When you get older your testosterone levels start to decrease and the signs of aging kick in but when you increase your testosterone levels you’ll find that the signs of aging start to reverse.

You’ll find that your skin gets tighter and your wrinkles diminish as your body begins to synthesize more collagen so your skin becomes more elastic, youthful and clearer.

You’ll look and feel healthier: When you put these benefits together you’ll find that thanks to Testo-Max you will look and feel healthier and more youthful.

That’s why it’s my favorite product that the Crazy Bulk website sell.

Testo Max Reviews

Here are some of the reviews that have been posted online about Testo Max.

If you’d like to have your own review posted here then please leave it in the comments section below!

It’s made me feel 20 years younger!

Hi my name is Tim and I’m from Florida and I turned 60 this year and I was just starting to feel really old.

I used to like being out and about and playing golf but I just never seemed to have the energy anymore.

So I went of the computer and researched stuff like anti aging and pills and stuff and someone was recommending Testomax so I bought a bottle.

My wife told me I was stupid to buy it because it’s probably a scam.

It arrived 2 days later and I took 3 pills before breakfast and by the afternoon I already felt better.

I usually need to have a nap at about 2:30 because I used to always feel tired and sleepy at that time but the first day of taking Testomax for the first time in forever I didn’t need to take a nap because I just didn’t feel sleepy.

So that was when I really knew this stuff was working.

The next morning I actually woke up before my wife did which never happens and when I woke up I was able to get out of bed right away when usually it takes me ages.

I’ve also started playing golf again which is something I love to do and I’ve lost over 10lbs just from going outdoors more.

My wife has had to admit she was wrong which is probably the sweetest thing of all.

This is a really good product and it’s made me feel 20 years younger so thanks Testomax!

Tim from Florida

Great product!

I stacked testo-max with d-bal and went on a bulk for 8 weeks. In that time I’ve gained 12lbs of muscle and almost no fat. I’m in college and am getting tons more attention from girls.

Oh yeah and my skin has cleared up big time. Nice!


Best test booster I’ve tried

Of all the testosterone boosters that I’ve tried I must say that this one is the best. In fact, it’s the only one I have tried that I can actually feel doing anything.

I just never seem to feel tired or anything on this and I workout 3 days per week after work and I feel like my workouts have been a lot better. They last longer and I feel stronger. The price is fair too imo.


5 Stars from me!

My girlfriend bought me a bottle of Testo-Max for Christmas because she knows I’m into working out and supplements and I can’t believe I never tried this stuff sooner.

I feel like it’s made me 10 years younger. Been having the best workouts (currently doing the body beast program) and I just feel better overall.

I woke up this morning and even though I’m on a bulk I can see my abs. It’s like I’m burning fat and getting stronger at the same time.

5 out of 5 I’ll be buy some more for myself soon.


I’m properly loving this stuff!

I’ve ordered a bunch more of TestoMax now that I know it works! Without changing my diet or workout program I’ve burned off a lot of fat and have really toned up my physique.

Have been getting more numbers from girls in town too. 😊

I’m properly loving this stuff and it’s been a nice confidence booster too.

Jon E.

Actually does what it says on the tin!

When I read that this stuff would make me feel younger and help me get in shape I decided to buy a bottle just to see if it was all it’s cracked up to be.

Well they were right. I’ve noticed a bunch of positive changes;

  • I have shred through the fat on my belly and my abs are looking good.

  • Have put on a few pounds of nice lean muscle because I’ve been working out so hard thanks to the energy boost Testo-Max gives me.

  • I feel happier and less cranky.

  • My joints ache less.

  • I get a better sleep.

  • I feel like I’m looking younger too.

It feels great to found something that actually does what it says on the tin!

Nigel W

Testomax is life changing

I was feeling tired all the time and lethargic and went from working out every day to barely at all.

My doc told me that my testosterone levels were low but she wasn’t going to prescribe me anything because they weren’t dangerously low so when I got home I started researching ways to get my testosterone levels up.

I even thought about buying steroids but I found this thing called Testo-Max first which is promoted as a test booster.

I honestly feel like this product has helped get the old me back again because since I’ve been taking it I’ve got more energy, I don’t feel lethargic anymore and I have more focus and I’ve been able to exercise every day again.

So far my results have been life changing and things only seem to be getting better.

Greg Walker

Need to buy more!

I used testo-max for 4 weeks and felt good effects. Only problem is I ran out and now effects have gone away.


I feel great!

D-bal and testomax from the Crazy Bulk store worked wonders for me when I was bulking as I gained over 15lbs. Now I’ve finished with my bulk I’ve started using it with Clenbutrol to burn off some fat.

I can see myself continuing to use testomax when I’m done because it’s such a good feeling to have all this energy and feel so good.

W. Smalls


As I just turned 30 and work in an office I was starting to feel old compared to all my younger co-workers and because I never had the energy to go to the gym anymore after work I had gotten a little bit chubby.

I heard about Testo Max on bodybuilding forums and they said it was good for fitness and anti-aging so I bought myself a bottle. I also got 20% off as they had a deal on.

OK, what can I say about it other than it is the sh*t!

I can really feel it working because I feel like I’m in my early 20s again.

I’ve started working out 4 nights a week again and on Saturdays and have completely burned off all my belly fat and I’m getting in great shape again.

I never really seem to feel tired and even though I’m getting a bit less sleep I find that I can wake up in the mornings easily and I feel like I have energy all day.

I also used to get blotchy skin on my t-zone but that’s gone away and my skin looks clearer.

The dark circles under my eyes have almost completely disappeared too.

I’m in better shape and I’m feeling on top of the world right now thanks to Testo Max.

Oh yeah and I forgot to say that lately a lot of the girls at the office seem to be much more interested in hanging around me and wanting to go out after work and stuff.

Good times!


Great testosterone booster

I would consider myself in goodish shape, I like to work out and do mud runs and stuff but I felt like I needed a little something extra to get me through the day and help me get in even better shape.

I tried a few products that didn’t do much until I found Testo-Max which I found to work extremely well.

I didn’t know quite what to expect but I felt it working from day one because I went to the gym to work out and was in there for nearly 2 hours and had the best work out ever.

Got a great pump and sweat going.

I also did a local obstacle course marathon thing last weekend and came first!

I’ve been using Testo-Max for 2 months now and my physique has improved a lot as I’ve burned off some fat and look like I’ve gained a few lbs of muscle.

This stuff makes you feel younger and more energetic and it’s nothing short of a miracle pill in my opinion.

I think every man should try Testo-Max.


Please feel free to leave your own review in the comments section below.

Should You Buy Testo-Max?

That’s the big question but quite honestly, it’s an easy one to answer because I think that it’s a supplement that will benefit all men.

When you increase your testosterone levels you’ll feel healthier and younger and your physique will improve as you burn fat and build muscle fast.

It just helps you become a better version of you.

I am going to continue taking it for as long as possible because I love the way it makes me feel. I have more energy, my workouts are better and I feel like I’m 21 again.

If you want to build muscle faster combine it with D-Bal and if you want to burn fat faster combine it with Clenbutrol then you can continue taking it on it’s own because when you see how great it makes you feel you won’t want to stop taking it.

It’s amazing how incredible you’ll feel just by boosting your testosterone levels.

Out of all the Crazy Bulk products Testo-Max is my overall favorite and I recommend it 100%.

SALE! Today, Sunday, December 17th 2017, you can get another 20% off of TestoMax if you use the code SALE20 from the official website here.

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Hi Jack I just mine in the mail and can’t wait to start using it!


I have been using HGH which is really expensive and I started taking this stuff along with it and they go together really well imo.

Powerful stuff and it’s cheap too.


I was thinking of doing that too but I will just use this first on it’s own as it’s a lot cheaper and see how it goes!


Wow, thanks for the review. I just wanted to pop in and say that testo max took a little while to kick in for me but now I’m really feeling it. Feeling really good right now!


Of all the test boosters I’ve tried the Testo Max is the best, well there was that one from China but I think it had some steroids in it but anyway yeah, good stuff man.


Can anyone here compare Testomax to Testogen? I’ve heard good reviews for both. Which one is better? Thank you!

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