The legal steroid market is exploding right now and the Crazy Bulk is getting all the attention.

So I’m writing this review to share my own results and help you decide whether to buy or not.

If you’re in a rush you can see my before and after pictures here.

So do they work or are they a big pile of dog poo?

After spending so much time in the gym and not getting any results I realized that something needed to change.

I was thinking of buying some illegal steroids from the dark web.

But then you read stories like this and realize it’s a bad idea.

I honestly felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

When I started bodybuilding and working out I had this dream of being muscular and jacked so I could attract women and build up my confidence.

But I was getting no results after months of hard work and it looked like steroids were the only option until I heard about these things called legal steroids.

So I went and learned everything I could about them.

From what I could gather they are essentially made up of natural ingredients and although they are not as effective as their illegal counterparts they are still effective.

Most people were saying that they are about 75% as powerful as the illegal ones.

And because they’re made of natural ingredients they don’t have any negative side effects.

With the illegal steroids you are exposing yourself to some of these nasty side effects;

  • Acne.
  • Baldness (and your hair may never grow back.)
  • Skin discoloration.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Insomnia.
  • Liver toxicity.
  • Diabetes.

And about a million other potential side effects so it’s no wonder that legal steroids like the Crazy Bulk stuff are getting more and more attention because they are safe to take.

So I decided against using steroids and I bought myself the Crazy Bulk bulking stack from here along with the Body Beast workout program dvds.

Pic of crazybulk bulking with bodybeast and pre workout

Oh yeah and I also bought the Black Wolf pre workout powder which is the best pre workout I have ever used.

So now all I needed to do was give myself a kick up the ass and get started!

So I took my pre workout, started Day 1 of the Body Beast program and started taking the Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Oh yeah and I also ate an extra 500 calories per day. As you do if you’re on a bulk.

I really had no idea what to expect but the first day of taking Crazy Bulk I felt like my workout was so much better.

I instantly felt stronger and picked up heavier weights than I normally would.

It’s hard to explain the feeling but I guess you could say I felt more EXPLOSIVE and powerful.

It almost felt like my muscles were coming alive.

And the pump that I got after my workout was incredible.

I can’t really compare the Crazy Bulk to the illegal steroids because I haven’t tried them but what I can say is that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids work fast.

After a few days they started to kick in even more because I started noticing some other changes..

  • I started waking up earlier in the morning feeling wide awake and refreshed. (I always used to wake up feeling groggy and tired.)
  • When I looked in the mirror in the morning I noticed that my skin looked fresher and clearer.
  • My under eye circles almost vanished.
  • I had way more energy throughout the day.
  • I felt consistently happy and in a good mood and didn’t have the mood swings I used to.
  • I stopped getting afternoon brain fog.
  • When it came to working out I found I could workout for hours.
  • I started lifting heavier almost every workout that went by.
  • I was getting stronger and I just felt jacked.

Regulars in the gym saw how intense I was working out and the other changes and started cheekily asking me what I was taking. 🙂

Now between you and me I used to have this problem..

My erections were becoming weaker and weaker as I got older.

Listen I could still get it up but my erections just weren’t what they were when I was 20.

But when I started using the Crazy Bulk supplements I noticed that I started getting rock hard erections again.

My dick almost looked like it had a pump going on. 🙂

After The Bulking Phase..

I did 12 weeks of bulking and then 4 weeks of cutting.

For the cutting phase I used the Crazy Bulk cutting stack from here.LINK

I found them really helpful because despite being low on calories they helped me continue to workout really hard and I kid you not the pounds just started falling off.

And I don’t feel like I lost any muscle or strength from cutting either.

I’d wake up every morning and see more definition on my body.

Because the cutting stack was so effective my cutting phase only lasted 3 ½ weeks.

The fat literally just melted off.

It’s great to see all the muscle that you worked so hard for in the bulking phase.

Anyway all of these amazing changes and intense sessions in the gym led to some pretty life changing results for me.

My Crazy Bulk Before And After Results..

I used to have this dream that I was ripped and strong and had women dropping their panties for me wherever I went.

Now I wouldn’t say they literally drop their panties but I am definitely getting 10 times more attention from women and I love it. 🙂

I feel healthier and happier and my confidence has grown a lot so life is becoming a lot more fun.

Building muscle was the best thing I ever could have done for myself and I don’t think I could have done it without the Crazy Bulk supplements.

Here’s the truth: The Crazy Bulk legal steroids are pretty fucking powerful.

Are they as powerful as the “real” steroids?

Probably not but that’s O.K because they still work and they’re completely safe.

Secondly: I know you’re not a dumbass so it goes without saying that if you want results then you still need to work your butt off in the gym and eat extra calories to gain mass.

But if you give it everything you have in the gym then I guarantee that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids will help you get jacked as a mother fucker. 🙂

Plus you can feel relaxed knowing that you’re not injecting something might might make you go bald or destroy your liver.

Right now I believe they have a 20% SALE on all of their products as well as a buy 2 get 1 free offer as well so there’s some nice discounts on the Crazy Bulk stuff at the moment. Link

The Crazy Bulk Supplements

So they have a range of products for sale so here’s a quick run down of what they all do..

If you want to build muscle then I recommend their bulking stack here.

Here’s what’s in the bulking stack.

D-Bal: It was made to mimic the effects of the steroid Dianabol which is one of the most effective steroids ever made for building muscle.

You can buy D-Bal here or learn more about D-Bal here.

If you can only afford to buy one product right now and you want to build muscle then I recommend D-Bal.

Trenorol: Based on the steroid Trenbolone which is another popular because it will help you build muscle as well as help you workout longer.

If you find that you struggle to workout for longer than 1 hour then you may want to go for Trenorol over D-Bal.

You can buy Trenorol here or read more about Trenorol here.

Testo Max: This one is more of a testosterone booster and is based on a blend of 4 testosterones called Sustanon.

It’s a great addition to the bulking stack but if you’re only going to buy one of the Crazy Bulk products the I’d go for D-Bal.

You can buy Testo Max here or read more about Testo Max here.

The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack.

When it comes time to cutting if you can afford it then I recommend the cutting stack here.

Here’s what’s in the cutting stack.

Clenbutrol: Based on the infamous Clenbuterol this is a powerful fat burner and is my number 1 choice if you can only afford one product of the Crazy Bulk products for your cutting phase.

It’s also good at making sure you retain the muscle that you gained on your bulk.

You can buy Clenbutrol here or learn more about Clenbutrol here.

Anvarol: This one is designed to give similar effects to Anavar which is another powerful fat burner.

You can buy Anvarol here or learn more about Anvarol here.

Winsol: This is a popular fat burner based on the steroid Winstrol because not only does it help you burn fat but many people find they gain muscle at the same time.

You can buy Winsol here or read more about Winsol here.

So those are the Crazy Bulk products on offer.

Right now I feel like we are at the beginning of a turning point in the world of bodybuilding.

The old steroids were dangerous and could mess up your body in a thousand different ways.

But these legal steroids are effective and safe.

I think that in 10 years from now legal steroids will become the norm and the old injectables will become just another thing of the past.

The Crazy Bulk is leading the way and I recommend them 100%.

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