Crazy Bulk Review – [WTF] 4 Months Later.. The TRUTH Revealed!


For the last 4 months I’ve been using the Crazy Bulk legal steroids from to try and build some muscle.

So I’m writing this review to share my before and after pictures and help you decide whether to buy or not.

(New Reviews!) I just wanted to update here to let you know that since this post went live other users have shared their Crazy Bulk reviews here for you to read!

So do they work or are they a big pile of dog poo?

After spending so much time in the gym and not getting any results I realized that something needed to change.

I was thinking of buying some illegal steroids from the dark web.

But then you read stories like this and realize it’s a bad idea.

I honestly felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

When I started bodybuilding and working out I had this dream of being muscular and jacked so I could attract women and build up my confidence.

But I was getting no results after months of hard work and it looked like steroids were the only option until I heard about these things called legal steroids.

So I went and learned everything I could about them.

From what I could gather they are essentially made up of natural ingredients and although they are not as effective as their illegal counterparts they are still effective.

Most people were saying that they are about 75% as powerful as the illegal ones.

And because they’re made of natural ingredients they don’t have any negative side effects.

With the illegal steroids you are exposing yourself to some of these nasty side effects;

  • Acne.
  • Baldness (and your hair may never grow back.)
  • Skin discoloration.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Insomnia.
  • Liver toxicity.
  • Diabetes.

And about a million other potential side effects so it’s no wonder that legal steroids like the Crazy Bulk stuff are getting more and more attention because they are safe to take.

So I decided against using steroids and I bought myself the Crazy Bulk bulking stack from here along with the Body Beast workout program dvds.

Pic of crazybulk bulking with bodybeast and pre workout

Oh yeah and I also bought the Black Wolf pre workout powder which is the best pre workout I have ever used.

So now all I needed to do was give myself a kick up the ass and get started!

So I took my pre workout, started Day 1 of the Body Beast program and started taking the Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Oh yeah and I also ate an extra 500 calories per day. As you do if you’re on a bulk.

I really had no idea what to expect but the first day of taking Crazy Bulk I felt like my workout was so much better.

I instantly felt stronger and picked up heavier weights than I normally would.

It’s hard to explain the feeling but I guess you could say I felt more EXPLOSIVE and powerful.

It almost felt like my muscles were coming alive.

And the pump that I got after my workout was incredible.

I can’t really compare the Crazy Bulk to the illegal steroids because I haven’t tried them but what I can say is that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids work fast.

After a few days they started to kick in even more because I started noticing some other changes..

  • I started waking up earlier in the morning feeling wide awake and refreshed. (I always used to wake up feeling groggy and tired.)
  • When I looked in the mirror in the morning I noticed that my skin looked fresher and clearer.
  • My under eye circles almost vanished.
  • I had way more energy throughout the day.
  • I felt consistently happy and in a good mood and didn’t have the mood swings I used to.
  • I stopped getting afternoon brain fog.
  • When it came to working out I found I could workout for hours.
  • I started lifting heavier almost every workout that went by.
  • I was getting stronger and I just felt jacked.

Regulars in the gym saw how intense I was working out and the other changes and started cheekily asking me what I was taking. 🙂

Now between you and me I used to have this problem..

My erections were becoming weaker and weaker as I got older.

Listen I could still get it up but my erections just weren’t what they were when I was 20.

But when I started using the Crazy Bulk supplements I noticed that I started getting rock hard erections again.

My dick almost looked like it had a pump going on. 🙂

After The Bulking Phase..

I did 12 weeks of bulking and then 4 weeks of cutting.

For the cutting phase I used the Crazy Bulk cutting stack from here.

I found them really helpful because despite being low on calories they helped me continue to workout really hard and I kid you not the pounds just started falling off.

And I don’t feel like I lost any muscle or strength from cutting either.

I’d wake up every morning and see more definition on my body.

Because the cutting stack was so effective my cutting phase only lasted 3 ½ weeks.

The fat literally just melted off.

It’s great to see all the muscle that you worked so hard for in the bulking phase.

Anyway all of these amazing changes and intense sessions in the gym led to some pretty life changing results for me.

My Crazy Bulk Before And After Results..

I used to have this dream that I was ripped and strong and had women dropping their panties for me wherever I went.

Now I wouldn’t say they literally drop their panties but I am definitely getting 10 times more attention from women and I love it. 🙂

I feel healthier and happier and my confidence has grown a lot so life is becoming a lot more fun.

Building muscle was the best thing I ever could have done for myself and I don’t think I could have done it without the Crazy Bulk supplements.

Here’s the truth: The Crazy Bulk legal steroids are pretty fucking powerful.

Are they as powerful as the “real” steroids?

Probably not but that’s O.K because they still work and they’re completely safe.

Secondly: I know you’re not a dumbass so it goes without saying that if you want results then you still need to work your butt off in the gym and eat extra calories to gain mass.

But if you give it everything you have in the gym then I guarantee that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids will help you get jacked as a mother fucker. 🙂

Plus you can feel relaxed knowing that you’re not injecting something might might make you go bald or destroy your liver.

Right now I believe they have a 20% SALE on all of their products if you use the code SALE20 as well as a buy 2 get 1 free offer as well so there’s some nice discounts on the Crazy Bulk stuff at the moment.

So those are the Crazy Bulk products on offer.

Right now I feel like we are at the beginning of a turning point in the world of bodybuilding.

The old steroids were dangerous and could mess up your body in a thousand different ways.

But these legal steroids are effective and safe.

I think that in 10 years from now legal steroids will become the norm and the old injectables will become just another thing of the past.

The Crazy Bulk is leading the way and I recommend them 100%.

Crazy Bulk Reviews

Here are some of the Crazy Bulk reviews that have either been emailed to me, posted in the comments section or posted on forums.

Reviews for bulking

I can def rec this

Just finished my 3 month bulk using DBal and using the shortcut to size program and have made some really nice gains.

My main goal was to get bigger arms as I was really lacking in that area and I’ve definitely done that.

My old tshirts that used to be baggy on me now feel tight especially around the arms.

I’ve had lots of people ask me if I’ve been working out a lot lately so I’m happy with my results.

I actually didn’t gain much fat, pretty much all muscle so I may do another bulk before I start cutting.

I think I’ll use either Clenbutrol or Anvrol from Crazy Bulk because D-Bal worked so good so I trust their products.

What I liked about D-Bal is that it’s a safe alternative to Dianabol and even though I was half expecting it not to work I was happy to find that it works fast and you can feel the change when you workout after taking it.

I’m 36 and I felt like I was 22 again when I started taking it. I could workout for ages and I got so pumped up after every workout I could just see and feel the changes.

I can def rec this.

Tim from Canada

Great stuff!

After trying fake Clen from Anabolic Research I was doubtful about these legal steroids but I tried Trenorol from a site called CrazyBulks and so far so good.

Have had some good gym sessions since taking it and am starting to lift a little bit heavier each workout.

I think we have a winner!


Crazy Bulk = 5 STARS!

I started working out when I was 21 and I’m now 26 and I have never been able to get the results that I wanted naturally.

I thought about using Trenbolone a few times but I thought it was a bad idea because first of all I wouldn’t know how to get it or use it properly and the side effects looked scary.

Then I heard about legal steroids on the Tender Buttons website and did a lot of reading all over the net and decided to buy the Crazy Bulk bulking stack to give it a try.

It’s been 4 weeks and I’m now done with my first stack and have another batch on the way.

It’s hard to explain just how good this stuff is. When you take it it’s like you’re a better you.

I workout from home and I just seem to be able to workout forever and I’m seeing so many positive changes in my workouts.

On pullups I used to max out at about 15 but a week after taking the bulking stack I did 22 pullups and now a month later my max is 25 so I’m getting stronger and stronger.

In just one month I’m seeing great changes in my physique and I’m starting to look and feel much better.

I can’t wait until the next batch arrives. I’m going to do 1-2 more rounds of bulking and then give their cutting stack a try.


Works great.

I woke up one day and realized I was 45 years old. I just felt old and it would take me forever to get out of bed.

So I started reading up on testosterone boosters and things like that to see if there was anything that could help me feel young again.

I mean I didn’t even have the energy to workout any more which was something I used to love to do.

Then I heard about this Testomax product from Crazy Bulk and ordered myself a few bottles.
They had a good offer where you buy 2 get one free so that’s why I bought 3 bottles.

I heard some guys saying that they could feel it working straight away but for me personally it took a couple of days before I felt any changes.

Maybe it’s because I’m older than most who take it.

Anyway the first change I noticed was that I was getting a really good sleep. I used to be a restless sleeper but after a few days of taking Testomax I started sleeping like a baby.

Then I started to notice that in the mornings it was becoming less and less effort to get out of bed to the point where I was waking up 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off and I was ready to get out of bed.

The next change I started to notice was that I felt calmer and more relaxed and I had more energy and my joints felt smoother.

I started working out again which felt great because I love the feeling of a good workout.

Lots of people started asking me if I’d had something done because I was looking younger and healthier.

Now that I’m done with my first 3 bottles I feel great. I’ve burned fat, gained some muscle and I look and feel fresher.

The Testomax product from Crazy Bulk is a great testosterone booster and it worked better than I ever expected so I’ll be ordering more.

Alex M.

I’m feeling it working!

I thought that crazybulk stuff was a scam but after trying out their dbal product I think I was wrong.

I just did chest day and had the best workout of my life. I started with one bottle and it arrived a few days ago.

I’m already feeling the difference.


Trenorol from Crazy Bulk is amazing

Here’s my review of Trenorol made by Crazy Bulk.

I can 100% say that this product worked for me. I’ve been going to the gym for a year and I was in good shape but I feel like I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

I wanted to build some muscle but I didn’t want to use steroids.

So I followed the Body Beast program and took Trenorol like Jack said on and I also found this to be a really good combo.

I’ve made some really nice gains and I’m lifting heavier than before on all exercises.

I used to curl 8 reps of 23lbs (don’t laugh) but in less than 6 weeks I’m now curling 8 reps of 32lbs.

I used to do a max of 7 pullups but now I can do around 15 so I’m getting stronger in all areas and I’m making noticeable size gains.

My friend who works out with me a lot bought some Trenorol from the Crazy Bulk site too and he loves it too.

It’s strange too because not only have I made size gains but I’ve gained no fat.

It’s amazing what you can do to your body in just 6 weeks with a little bit of help. 🙂

Thanks Jack for making the Tender Buttons website because that’s where I first heard to the Crazy Bulk.

I also got that Black Wolf pre workout and it’s really good. It’s probably the best one I’ve tried.

Nick Smith from London

I can’t believe this stuff is so good!

I swim at a local club and we have competitions regularly. I was never able to win any competitions and I felt like my conditioning was lacking no matter how hard I trained.

I heard about this stuff called Decaduro from some company called Crazy Bulks that sell these things called legal steroids.

Well I just wanted to say that if anybody is looking for a product that will help them get better at sports then they should give Decaduro a try.

After finishing my 1st bottle a bunch of my swimming mates asked me if I’ve been hitting the gym a lot as my physique has improved and my performance and endurance has gone through the roof.

We had a little friendly competition the other day and I smoked everybody else and came first by about 5 seconds which is a big win.

The guy on my team who usually wins all the races was major sour!

I can’t believe that in just 1 month I went from being 3rd best in the club to being the best!

Feel free to post this review on your website!

Mike from Liverpool

These pills rock!

Starting weight = 145 pounds.

After 3 rounds of bulking with the Crazy Bulk bulking stack I weigh in at 174 pounds.

That’s a gain of 29 pounds in just 3 months.

I think I need to cut 5-10 pounds so after cutting I’ll be a lean and muscular 165!

This stuff is da best. I’ve had no problems with my bulk and every workout during the last 3 months has felt incredible.

Every workout made me feel like I was one step closer to my goal and it felt great stepping on the scale every week and seeing I had gained weight and looking in the mirror I could see the changes.

The Crazy Bulk bulking stack rocks! Now it’s time to do some cutting.


They’re doing something!

I gained 10lbs of lean muscle on my last bulk using D-Bal and Trenorol that I got from Crazy Bulk.

They’re not miracle pills put they definitely do something and as a hardgainer they helped me big time.


I will certainly be ordering more

I was looking into trying some HGH as I’m getting older and wrinkles are starting to show but HGH is expensive and you have to buy it from some shady site online so you never really know what you’re getting.

I found this site called the CrazyBulk and they sell a product called HGH-X2 which is supposed to be a natural alternative to HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

It’s also much much cheaper so I ordered a bottle and if it was rubbish then oh well at least I wouldn’t lose too much.

I also liked that it was safer because there are some side effects of taking HGH that didn’t sound too appealing.

Anyway since taking HGH-X2 I’ve noticed some positive changes.

For a start I feel 10 years younger.

I look healthy and I feel more energized.

Also my workouts have gone from lasting 20 minutes to about 45 minutes and are a lot more enjoyable now.

I’ve lost some weight and I’m looking more toned.

My wife is happy with the changes too.

I also find that because I feel younger and have more energy I’m getting more and more work done on my home business.

So I like this HGH-X2 stuff and I’m happy with all the positive changes and I will certainly be ordering more.

Thanks for reading.

Charles aged 47 from Massachusetts

Gained 12lbs in 1 month!!

I gained 12lbs this month since I started using dbal and most of it is muscle.

I have lots of energy and my workouts are a lot more intense and fun.


I can already feel a big difference

It’s a little too early for me to share any results but I started taking the bulking stack a few days ago and I can already feel a big difference.

I feel more energized and I just had a really good workout and got a great pump going.

I even got a big vein running down my bicep during the workout. Haven’t had that before.

I’m liking this Crazy Bulk stuff so far.

Mike West

No dad bod for me any more!

Before Crazy Bulk = tired, sloppy workouts, no stamina and dad bod.

After using Dbal and Clenbutrol = Lots of energy, great workouts that last longer and I’ve toned up big time.

No dad bod for me any more! I’m not a body builder I just wanted something to help me tone up and energize me and this stuff worked. Now I just need to keep it up and not revert back to my old ways.

Sam T.

DBAL + Trenorol = Beast Mode!

I looooove this DBAL + Trenorol combination. 3 weeks in and my deadlifts, squats and bench press have all gone up and I never get tired while working out.


It’s some powerful stuff.

So I started using these legal steroid alternatives from Crazy Bulk called DBal and I would recommend this stuff if you want to build muscle or get stronger.

I’m 4 weeks in and my deadlift has gone up 50lbs which is a huge improvement for me.

My workouts are also lasting about twice as long because I don’t fatigue or hit the wall as fast as I used to so I just keep on going.

And I feel like my recovery time has sped up too because even though I’m working out twice as hard I don’t feel super sore the next day.

One of my workout buddies even asked me if I was on the juice because he noticed I’m looking bigger and working out harder ha ha.

I told him about the Crazy Bulk website and now he’s ordered some DBal too.

It’s some powerful stuff and so far I haven’t noticed any negative side effects.

Tom D.

Worth the money.

These supplements are pretty good but I didn’t really get the results I wanted using Anadrole. I worked out longer and could definitely feel something but in the month I used it I didn’t make much in the way of gains. To be fair I didn’t follow a proper diet though.

Next time I will try either DBal or Trenorol.

I think that if you’re going to use this stuff to build muscle then you need to watch your calories to eat more and take it seriously. I do think it works and will help so I do like it but maybe I was expecting too much because I thought I would just take it and workout and get big lol.

Mr T. Jones


2 weeks in and I’ve ordered another bulking stack so that I don’t run out.

Why did I order more?

Because since taking this stuff I have already gained 6lbs. That’s 3lbs per week.

I am doing the BodyBeast program and I’m eating an extra 500 calories per day and I’m totally killing it!

When I tried to do the B-B program before I didn’t get the results I wanted even though I was eating more.

The only thing I’m doing differently now is using the Crazy Bulk bulking stack and it’s made a huge difference.

When I pick up the weights now it’s almost like I’m electrified. I surge with energy and the weights that used to feel heavy feel lighter.

I used to struggle to complete the Body Beast workouts but now not only do I complete them but I go one step further and just carry on working out.

Like yesterday was bulk back and at the end of it I just carried on doing stuff like pullups and rows for an extra 20 minutes.

By the end of the workout I was jacked and I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had some wings because my back was all pumped up.

I also take a recovery drink and the next day I feel refreshed and ready to go again.

So I’ve ordered some more which should arrive soon.

6lbs in 2 weeks! My goal is to reach 185lbs and then I will start cutting.

I’d like to be a lean 175lbs and I think I can do this with the way things are going thanks to the Crazy Bulk bulking stack.

They also have a cutting stack which I might use for my cut.

What else can I say other than try this stuff guys. They’re called legal steroids and they’re safe.


$480 per year saved on pre workouts!

I actually don’t feel the need to take a pre workout since I started taking dbal which saves me an extra $40 a month.

That might not sound too much but that’s and extra $480 per year saved.


Safe and it works.

Lifting while on d-bal felt like I was back on the juice again which is just what I needed.

I stopped taking Dianabol last year because I was sick of all the little side effects the worst being blurred vision while I was driving.

I did love taking steroids because they helped me gain 30lbs of muscle but after I stopped taking them it was like a balloon popped and I went back to normal lol.

Anyways I bought the stuff called d-bal from Crazy Bulk which is a natural alternative to the Dianabol that I used to take.

Well this d-bal stuff has no side effects that I’ve seen and although it’s not as powerful as the real thing it really does work.

I’m on my 3rd bottle and take this stuff a couple of hours before I workout with a protein shake and by the time it comes to working out I feel like I could lift a mountain.

This stuff helps me workout hard like I used to when I was on the real stuff and it really does give a similar feeling to the real stuff.

Now I take more than it says to take on the bottle so my 3 bottles have only lasted me 6 weeks but in those 6 weeks I’ve put on over 15lbs and I’m starting to get to where I want to be again.

And because it’s natural I’m building real muscle that I don’t think will disappear when I stop taking the supps.

The girls have started noticing me again too and I’ve had quite a few friends mirin’ my gains.

So if there’s anyone reading this who’s thinking of using steroids then my advice is don’t do it.

I haven’t tried all the Crazy Bulk products so I can’t comment on all of them but I know this d-bal stuff works and I know that all the side effects I’ve had have been positive while taking it.

It will take a bit longer to get results with this legal stuff than if you used real Dianabol but that’s fine by me because it won’t hurt you. So avoid the roids and give this natural stuff a try first.

Rhys Smith

I never felt anything like this!

I stopped going to the gym a few years and wanted to get back to working out but I was so out of shape that I found it really difficult to get anything done when I started going again.

A friend recommended the Crazy Bulk products to me, specifically Trenorol and Clenbutrol.

So I bought myself a bottle of each to give it a try and I’ve found it very helpful in helping me get back in the swing of things again.

I’ve lost weight and my belly is starting to shrink the fat. I also use a preworkout I got from Amazon and I feel like I am on the right track.


I look a lot more muscular and I feel a lot stronger already!

I just finished my first round with the Crazy Bulk bulking stack which lasted me 4 weeks and I’ve gone from 160lbs to 169lbs so I gained almost 10lbs in a month and very little if any of it was fat.

I look a lot more muscular and I feel a lot stronger already!


well worth the money

I can’t believe how good this stuff is. I feel better than ever. I was super skeptical about these supplements but I gave them a try anyway.

I used Decaduro and all I can say is that I’m shocked at how much better I feel since I started taking it.

I have more energy, I workout more and for longer and I’m putting on some muscle too.

I haven’t changed my diet or anything like that either.

This stuff is well worth the money.


I’m very happy with the Crazy Bulk

I took them up on their buy 2 get 1 free offer on dbal as it seems to be their most popular bulking product and I’ve been taking it every day before my workout.

It’s good stuff. I have never used real steroids so I can’t compare but I can say that this dbal does indeed work.

I’ve used up 2 bottles so far and I’ve gained 8 lbs of muscle which has made a big improvement to my appearance.

I think I could have gained more if I had focused on my diet a bit more because to be honest I don’t think I’ve been eating enough but yeah I’m very happy with this product.

Richie W

pretty shocking

I was a super skinny guy. The type who could eat a bucket load of food and I’d still be skinny.

My friends used to tease me on how skinny I was and I lacked confidence because I felt like nobody respected me partly because I looked skinny and weak.

I looked like I would lose a fight against a paper bag.

So my cousin invited me to start working out with him. He got me on a bulking diet where I was eating an extra 1,000 calories per day and taking whey protein and he game me a bottle of this stuff called dbal. It comes from a company called the Crazy Bulk that make legal steroids.

So I started working out with my cousin and so far I’ve put on 14 pounds!!!

I’m looking pretty ripped because I also have almost no fat because of my skinny genetics.

All of my friends have been asking me about my workouts and telling me I look great.

I’m not done yet though as I still want to gain another 15-20 pounds of muscle.

I think it’s pretty shocking the difference that putting on just 14 pounds of muscle makes because I look completely different.

I’ve bought a bunch more dbal to keep me going and I hope this little review was helpful to anyone considering using the Crazy Bulk products.

Tom C.

I feel like a monster in the gym!

I started using the Crazy Bulk products because my friend was using them and he made gains so fast.

I mean in just a couple of months he went from average to completely jacked.

Now I’m starting to get there too. I’ve gained 7.5lbs already and I’m only a few weeks in and I feel like a monster in the gym!


So good.

I’ve been getting tons of nice compliments about my physique at college since I started using Trenorol.

It’s so weird because a couple of months ago girls pretty much ignored me but since I started lifting weights and gaining muscle girls just come up to me and start squeezing my biceps and asking me if I workout!

I’m glad I started taking this in my first year because the next couple years of college are about to get a whole lot more fun!


I give this stuff 5 stars.

This is my review for Trenorol from the CrazyBulk website.

Basically this supplement is a legal steroid and I really like it and would recommend it to a friend.

I feel so focused and energized when I take it.

I’m a student and this has really given me the energy to workout and get all my work done.

In the past I was always too tired to workout and in the afternoons I always felt groggy and tired.

This stuff makes my mind feel clear so I’ve been getting tons of work and studying done and then in the evenings I still have plenty of energy and focus left to workout for an hour and a half!

I’ve even gained 5lbs of muscle because I’ve been eating an extra 500 cals per day with more protein.

I just can’t believe how much I’m getting done and at the same time improving the way my body looks.

I give this stuff 5 stars.

Joe Saunders

My physique is improving

The Testo-Max from Crazy Bulks product has been a lifesaver for me!

I needed something to help pep me up because I’m in my 30s now and struggle to find the energy to workout after working all day.

Well this product has made me feel 10 years younger.

I have more energy and I look healthier and now I go to the gym 5 days per week and don’t struggle with my workouts anymore.

My physique is improving too. Good stuff.


I’m looking more swole already

Anadrole is the only Crazy Bulk product that I’ve tried so far. I chose it because it claims to help increase stamina as well as muscle mass which is just what I needed.

Well this stuff is like rocket fuel. I take it 2 hours before my workout and by the time it’s time to exercise I feel like nothing can hold me back.

Yesterday I worked out for almost 2 hours which was probably a little too long because I burned well over 1,000 calories and because I’m bulking I ended up having to eat 4,000 calories lol.

I’m looking more swole already and it’s only been 3 days since I started using it!

Greg Marsden from England

Glad I found this!

I was thinking of buying some human growth hormone to help me feel younger but then I read about this stuff called HGH-X2 which is a natural alternative.

I bought one bottle to try it out and I feel like it’s working really good.

I wake up in the mornings feeling more alert and like I slept better and I have more energy.

My face looks a bit tighter too and there’s less lines around my eyes and forehead.

And I feel more focused at the office.

This is what I was expecting and hoping for from HGH so I’m glad I found HGH-X2 because it’s a lot cheaper!


I would definitely recommend!

As an avid golfer I’ve been feeling a bit old lately and maneuvering around the golf course was becoming harder and harder.

I was going to talk to the doc to see if he would prescribe me some HGH which is meant to be like the holy grail for staying young but as I was reading up on it I found an advert for HGH-X2 by Crazy Bulk and the reviews looked positive.

I bought a bottle and this stuff works fast. I took my first dose before work and all day I felt like i had more energy and I felt happier than usual.

By Saturday I went to play a round of golf and I had a bounce in my step all day.

My skin is looking smoother too and my wife even asked me if I was taking something!

I would definitely recommend this HGH-X2 stuff. Especially if you’re getting old like me and need something to help you feel young again.


I can workout like a beast!

I tried this NO2-Max stuff from Crazy Bulk this afternoon and OMG does this stuff work good.

I took it with my lunch and worked out a few hours later.

I ended up having one of best gym sessions I’ve ever had.

I felt really energized like I had rocket fuel running through my veins and I got a huge pump going.

My workout felt twice as effective as normal.

Awesome stuff and i know it’s going to help me build some muscle now that I can workout like a beast!


Crazy Bulk Cutting Reviews

Soooo good!

This review is a little late but I finished my cutting phase in just 3 weeks using Clenbutrol! Great product.


Give the cutting stack a try!

Guys the next time you do your cut give the Crazy Bulk cutting stack a try.

After failing to cut twice because I couldn’t handle eating so little I tried their cutting stack and I burned off all the fat in just over a month.

I was eating 1,000 calories below maintenance and I never really felt hungry and I had more than enough energy to workout and the fat just seemed to melt away.

The best thing about bodybuilding is when you go on a cut and see the fat disappear and see all the muscle you’ve gained.

Give the cutting stack a try because you won't regret it.


Great fat burner and energy booster

I used this product called Anvarol I found on the CrazyBulk website because I desperately needed to burn some fat and in less than a month I’ve burned off 15lbs of fat by exercising every day and eating less.

It’s a great fat burner and energy booster.

Sam O.

Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk is incredible.

After umming and ahhing for a while I got some Clenbutrol because I heard it’s a good fat burner and all I can say is yes it is!

Like a lot of others I’ve been doing the Body Beast program and I had problems when it came to the cutting phase because I didn’t have the energy to do the workouts so I needed a little help.

I’ve found that it’s given me plenty of energy all day and that’s helped me workout and it’s also reduced my hunger as I’ve been able to stick to my calorie limit.

During this cutting phase which lasted 4 weeks I burned off 12 lbs of fat and it’s revealed some nice muscle gains that I got during the bulking phase.

So that’s my review. Thanks for reading.

Moe M.

I’ve shredded through lots of fat!

After bulking for 4 months I realized I was starting to look very podgy and needed to burn off some fat.

I heard that the Crazy Bulk had some good products so I bought their cutting stack and it arrived 2 days later.

For the past month things have been pretty intense!

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting every day and not eating until 1 in the afternoon and I’ve been doing the insanity workouts on an empty stomach!

I’ve also been on a calorie deficit and thanks to the cutting stack I feel like I’ve had lots of clean energy and I’ve shredded through lots of fat.

It’s been intense but well worth it and I don’t think I could have done it without the Crazy Bulk supplements.

N. Young

I went from 190lbs to 172lbs in under 6 weeks!

The bulking stack worked so well for me that I decided to give the cutting stack a try and I think it worked perfectly.

I went from 190lbs to 172lbs in under 6 weeks and now I’ve got the physique I’ve always wanted.

I’ve had tons of fun meeting girls at the beach lately too!


Working fast

Winsol and Clenbutrol are the products I used to help me lose weight.

I got them from a company called Crazy Bulk.

I’m a runner and after breaking my leg I gained about a stone from not exercising.

I heard Winsol was safe and good because it improves performance and Clenbutrol because it’s a fat burner. I started running again last month and I’m almost back to my old weight and self again.


Give the Crazy Bulk products a try.

I was thinking of trying the cutting stack but to save money I just decided to get Clenbutrol and Anvarol because they seemed like they would go well together.

I just finished my bulk and started using them.

I found I had more energy and despite being on a calorie deficit I was able to get my workouts done.

At the end of my bulk I was 166 with some fat and now I’m a ripped 150 lbs.

I just so happy with my results that I wanted to post my review here.

I’ve had tons of comments from the females at work and I feel a whole lot more confident too.

If you’re about to do your cutting phase then give the Crazy Bulk products a try.


Good product

Just finished my cutting phase. Was pretty easy and hassle free.

Alvin L.

It burns through fat like nobody’s business!

Before you do your next cut or if you just want to burn some fat then look up Clenbutrol from the Crazy Bulk website because it’s very powerful.

Since taking it my workouts went from lasting 45 minutes to an 90 minutes and I’ve lost over 15lbs.

It burns through fat like nobody’s business!


The cutting stack is awesome

Started off at 220lbs now 4 weeks later I’m at 192lbs. All I used was the Crazy Bulk cutting stack.

John E.

This stuff helps burn fat

Thanks to Anvarol which is an alternative to Anavar I’ve dropped my body fat percentage from 14% to 7% in under 2 months and now I have hardly any fat at all.

You also need to reduce your calories and train hard but this stuff will help you burn fat and preserve muscle without a doubt.


I lost 2 stone!

I’ve really toned up since using the cutting stack and I’ve dropped over 2 stone on the scales.

I think I’ll be ordering more soon.

Norm Jones

Try this!

I was a bit worried before cutting that I would lose muscle mass so I used Anvarol simply because I heard it helps preserve muscle and after using 2 bottles I’m certain that I didn’t lose any muscle mass.

I’ve burned off 15 lbs but I haven’t lost any strength so it’s all good.

The last time I tried to cut without it I lost weight but a lot of strength too so if you care about preserving your muscle while cutting then make sure you buy some Anvarol because it’s pretty cheap.


I don’t want to stop taking it!

I toned up big time thanks to the Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol which is a legal alternative to Clenbuterol.

I hate needles and didn’t want any bad side effects so that why I went for the legal version.

Anyway yeah this stuff works very fast and it works good.

I lost 9.5 lbs and look much better. My abs are even starting to show. I have more energy and my skin looks fresh!

To be honest I don’t want to stop taking it!


If you would like to leave your own review or pictures then please post them in the comments section here.

The Crazy Bulk FAQs

  • Are they real steroids? No they’re not what you would call real steroids. They just try to mimic the positive effects of steroids but without the harmful side effects that they usually come with. These days more and more people are turning away from the old illegal steroids because we know about all the harm they can cause. The Crazy Bulk supplements are what’s known as legal steroids.
  • Are they legal? They are 100% legal and you will not get in trouble if you use them. Although the products are not FDA approved the ingredients are natural and not pharmaceutical.
  • Will they show up on a drugs test? No they are made in the US in a factory that doesn’t make steroids so there’s no risk of contamination so you will not get flagged as taking something if you need to take a drugs test. Plus none of the ingredients are listed on any banned substances list.
  • Are they performance enhancing? Yes they are massively performance enhancing so if you play some kind of sport then you will get a huge advantage over the competition and you can feel safe knowing that you won’t get flagged as a cheat if you have to take a performance enhancer drugs test.
  • Are there any side effects? After taking pretty much all of the Crazy Bulk supplements I noticed no negative side effects and after reading through reviews and forums I haven’t heard of anyone else having any major side effects. However I did read a couple of posts where guys said they get upset stomachs if they take the pills on an empty stomach but they felt fine if they took the pills with some food even if it was just half a banana.
  • How do they compare to real steroids? They’re definitely not as powerful as “real” steroids but they are still very powerful. They are probably about 75% as powerful as the real stuff. So if you’re trying to compete in the Mr Olympia contest then you should probably give the Crazy Bulk a miss because they just won’t be powerful enough but if you just want to build muscle and look great then even though they’re only 75% as powerful you will still get some incredible results.
  • Are they safe? They are completely safe to take as they ingredients are natural which is why so many people are now starting to use legal steroids like the Crazy Bulk because they’re effective and safe.
  • How long will it take to see results? That depends on what your goals are but you will start to feel changes almost immediately. You can really feel them working and they will transform the way you feel and workout. If you workout hard while taking them then you will start to see physical changes in less than a week. After a few weeks the changes will be undeniable and within months you will look and feel like a new man.
  • Can you recommend a good workout routine to go along with it? There’s so many good workout programs available right now. I like the Body Beast program but I’ve heard some guys say it’s too easy. You should also checkout because they have some free workout programs that I’ve heard are really good. To get the best results with the Crazy Bulk supplements it’s essential you stick to a good workout program.
  • Will the results go away when I stop taking them? One of the biggest complaints about “real” steroids is that you end up deflating when you stop taking them and returning back to normal. That’s why you see some guys who look huge in the summer but weedy in the winter but the Crazy Bulk supplements help you to build real muscle so you won’t deflate when you stop taking them as you will be building pure natural muscle. However after you stop taking them you need to keep on working out to maintain the muscle.
  • Which Crazy Bulk product is the best for bulking? As you know I used the bulking stack which makes for a great combination so if you’re trying to build muscle and you can afford it then get the bulking stack. But if I could only recommend one product for building muscle it would be dbal.
  • Which Crazy Bulk product is the best for cutting? Again I recommend the cutting stack if you can afford it but if I could just recommend one product for cutting it would be Clenbutrol.
  • Can women take them too? Yes, there’s lots of women taking them now and they’re getting impressive results. You can see some female Crazy Bulk reviews here.
  • How long should I bulk for? I recommend bulking for 8-12 weeks. You need to give your body plenty of time to reach it’s full potential and 12 weeks will go by quite fast and you can get some mad results in that time. How long you bulk for is really up to you though. When you’re starting to gain too much fat is when you should start thinking about ending the bulk. You could potentially go on the bulking phase for a year if you want to.
  • How long should I cut for? On the cutting phase you are reducing your calorie intake in order to burn fat. Nobody really likes the cutting phase because it means eating less. I recommend cutting for between 4-6 weeks. If you don’t have a lot of fat to burn then the Crazy Bulk supplements will help you burn through that fat really quick so the cutting phase will be very short. Personally I like to do 12 weeks of bulking and 4 weeks of cutting.
  • Do I still need to watch my diet? Absolutely. If you are trying to bulk then you need a surplus of calories and if you are cutting then you need to reduce your calorie intake. However thanks to the Crazy Bulk supplements you don’t need to stress as much over your diet as you normally would because you will build muscle and burn fat so easily.
  • Are there any discounts or coupon codes? Right now, Sunday, December 17th 2017 you can use the code SALE20 to get 20% off of everything and they currently have an offer where you can buy 2 and get one free on everything which includes the stacks. So you can save a lot of money at the moment. I don’t know how long the current offers will last so take advantage while you can.

The Crazy Bulk Pros And Cons

The Pros

So here are some of the good things I can think of to say..

  • They’re safe – The best thing about them is that they are safe to consume. When it comes to the real steroids there are tons of nasty side effects you need to watch out for and they can do a lot of damage to your health. So it feels great to take something that works and you know is safe because all of the ingredients are natural.
  • They work fast – Although you won’t get results overnight if you give it some time and you combine them with a good workout routine then you will see undeniable results fast. I mean literally within a week or so you will see a difference.
  • You can feel them working – It feels great to take them because you can feel them actually working. When you workout after taking them you’ll feel more explosive and energetic and you’ll feel pumped a lot faster. It’s amazing how strong you’ll start to feel after taking the Crazy Bulk supplements and you’ll start lifting heavier a lot quicker.
  • A lot cheaper than real steroids – They’re not exactly cheap but they are a lot cheaper than the “real” stuff and they have sales and discounts running often so you can save even more money.
  • You don’t need to buy from some shady guy – Let’s be honest buying real steroids is shady and you never really know what you’re getting but with the Crazy Bulk supplements you always know what you’re getting.
  • Make permanent gains – The Crazy Bulk bulking products will help you build real solid muscle that won’t just disappear after you stop taking them.
  • Build muscle faster – I struggled to build muscle but when I started using the Crazy Bulk supplements I built muscle faster than I thought I could.
  • Burn fat faster – If you are trying to burn fat and get lean then their cutting products like Clenbuterol will help you burn fat fast. I mean seriously however long it would take you to burn fat without taking anything you can do it in less than half the time with a product like Clenbuterol.
  • You don’t need to use needles – Nobody likes injections. The Crazy Bulk products are taken orally and are completely safe.
  • Boosts confidence – It’s a huge confidence booster to build muscle and get in shape.

The Cons

Here are some of the negative things I can think of to say..

  • Upset stomach – Some people have reported getting upset stomachs when they take the supplements on an empty stomach. You can solve this problem by just eating something like half a banana or a scoop of protein when you take the pills.
  • Less effective than “real” steroids – I don’t think there will ever be any legal steroid supplements that will be as powerful as the “real” stuff so if you’re looking to win competitions then you may not get the results you want.
  • Lot’s of pills to swallow – If you buy a stack then you’ll be taking quite a few pills per day.
  • Price and commitment – Even though they are a lot cheaper than real steroids they still cost money and because you won’t get results overnight you will need to make sure that you are committed to building some muscle before you buy them otherwise you will just be wasting your money.

The Crazy Bulk Before And After Photos

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Bulking – Which Crazy Bulk Products Should You Buy For Bulking?

Most people buying these supplements will be using them to try and build muscle and bulk up.

So if you want to get bigger and build more muscle so you can be stronger and look better then I would definitely recommend the bulking stack because it gives you a good combination of products that will help you increase your strength, endurance and help you build muscle a lot faster.

In the bulking stack you get;

You can buy the bulking stack here and get 20% off with code: SALE20

If you are bulking then I recommend doing it for at least 8 weeks.

Each stack lasts 4 weeks but right now they have an offer running where you can buy 2 get one free so you can make your bulk last 12 weeks and build more muscle for less money.

Out of all of the products they sell for bulking and building muscle if I were only able to recommend one I think it would be Dbal.

Dbal allows your muscles to hold more nitrogen which is essential when it comes to building muscle.

The thing I like about Dbal is that you can really feel it working from day 1 and your workouts will start to feel a lot more worthwhile and effective.

Here’s what one user had to say about Dbal;

I just started using d-bal a few weeks ago by the Crazy Bulk legal steroid company and I’m almost done with my first bottle.

Will I be buying more?
Without a doubt I’ll be ordering more because I feel like my workouts are turbo charged since I’ve been taking them.

3 weeks ago I could curl a maximum of 8 reps of 28lbs but this morning I curled 8 reps of 36lbs so I’m getting stronger fast and I can see the muscle packing on already.

I feel like superman in the gym at the moment and I can’t wait to workout every day.

I’m glad I found d-bal by Crazy Bulk I may try their bulking stack next as I heard it’s good.

Give it a try guys. You’ll be amazed at how pumped you get.

Again, like with the bulking stack right now you can get 3 for 2. So if you add 3 bottles of Dbal to your cart you will only pay for 2.

So if you don’t want to buy a stack right now and can only buy one product for building muscle then I recommend Dbal for sure.

Plus I just realized when I was on their website that they have another offer running at the moment where you can save another 20% on all Crazy Bulk products if you use the coupon code SALE20.

Right now it costs $59.99 so 3 bottles would cost you $179.97.

But with their buy 2 get 1 free offer and by using the SALE20 coupon code you can get 3 bottles of Dbal for just $83.99 so you can pretty much get it for half price.

So for bulking I do recommend the bulking stack but if you’re just looking to try one of the Crazy Bulk products right now then let it be Dbal.

The Effects Of Using The Bulking Products

If you’ve ever worked out before which I’m sure you have then you’ll know that after a while you seem to hit a wall.

You get sweaty and tired and all you really want to do is go take a shower and then get something to eat so that you can replenish your energy levels.

This happens to us all. For most of us it takes around 45 minutes to an hour before we hit the wall and feel like we’ve had enough.

This makes it really hard to build muscle and look the way we want to because during those 45 minutes we’re just not getting enough done before we get tired.

So this is where the Crazy Bulk products will really help you out.

Because the difference is night and day when you start working out using legal steroids.

For a start the first thing that you’ll notice is that you seem to have a lot more energy and desire to workout.

You just feel more alive and instead of dreading your workouts you’ll feel excited to get started.

The next thing you’ll discover is that you’ll get a pump going much faster than ever before.

It almost feels like every muscle in your body is coming alive and is ready for action.

You’ll then find that you can lift heavier which pumps up your muscles even further.

All of this means that your workouts will be much more effective and worthwhile.

So even if your workouts last just 30 minutes they will be more effective than what a 60 minute workout would have done before you started using the Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

But honestly you’ll find that even after working out for 90 minutes you’ll feel like you can carry on going for another hour or more.

It sounds almost unbelievable but the Crazy Bulk supplements are so powerful that you will feel like a MACHINE that can keep on going and going.

And after your workout you will stand in front of the mirror and look so pumped you will feel incredible.

But what is even better is that if you take the bulking stack and a good post workout supplement with some amino acids then you’ll also be recovering faster and by the next day you’ll feel fresh and ready for another workout.

I remember before I started using the Crazy Bulk products I did a 45 minute leg workout and the next day I could barely walk but these days my leg workouts can last 60-90 minutes and the next day I feel fresh as a daisy.

So recovery time is a lot faster.

When you can workout for longer, lift heavier and recover faster it’s easy to see how the Crazy Bulk bulking products will help you to build muscle faster than ever.

So that’s what it’s like to use their bulking products. You can really feel them working and it’s so strange because after you start using them you’ll wonder how you ever used to get through a workout without them.

As I said above I recommend their bulking stack but if I could just choose one product to use it would be Dbal.

How To Bulk Using The Crazy Bulk supplements

Even though the CrazyBulk supplements are pretty damn amazing they are definitely not miracle pills and if it’s your goal to build muscle and look good then you still need to follow some essential rules of bodybuilding.

That means you need to eat more and workout harder as well as take your supplements every day.

Here’s how I did my bulking phase..

Diet + Calories

It’s essential if you want to gain mass and build muscle that you increase the amount of calories that you’re consuming.

To build muscle you’ll need to eat an extra 500-1000 calories per day more than you need to ensure growth.

What I did was wear a fitbit watch that tracked how many calories I was burning and however many calories I burned in a day I would eat that number plus 750 the next day so I was always eating an extra 750 calories per day.

I think using a fitbit to track calories burned is a great way to scientifically help you figure out how many calories you need to eat.


While I was bulking I stuck to a 50/30/20 macronutrient breakdown.

That means;

  • 50% carbs
  • 30% protein
  • 20% fats

This seemed to be a good macronutrient ratio that worked well.

With this ratio I had plenty of carbs to get me through the workouts and make sure that I always had energy.

And it also gave me more than enough protein to build muscle.

Some of the foods that I ate regularly were;

  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Milk
  • Green vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fish
  • Brown rice

Tip: Use to track your calories. If you don’t keep track of what you’re eating then you’re leaving it down to guess work and by the end of the day you’ll have no idea whether you’ve eaten too much or too little.

What I like to do is plan my meals first thing in the morning or the night before so I know exactly what to eat the next day.

The cool thing about My Fitness Pal is that you can save your meals so once you’ve used it for a while it makes setting you your daily meal plan a breeze.

To be honest most days you’ll pretty much be eating the same stuff anyway.

Tip: When it comes to bulking a lot of guys have the philosophy of “hey, I’m trying to gain weight so I’m just going to eat anything and everything.”

They almost use it as an excuse to be gluttonous. Personally I believe it’s important to try and eat clean whenever possible and keep junk food to a minimum.

So that’s it for how I ate while I was bulking. Eat more and eat clean!

Working out while bulking.

While you’re taking the Crazy Bulk supplements you’ll find that you can workout extra hard so you’ll want to take advantage of this by following a proper workout routine.

Personally I followed the Body Beast program because I had heard really good things about it.

The thing I like most about the Body Beast is that it gives you a workout plan to follow and it’s designed specifically for guys who want to build muscle.

The only complaint I have about the program is that the workouts only last 45 minutes and are too easy especially if you’re taking the Crazy Bulk supplements.

One reason that I know the CB supplements work is because a while ago when I wasn’t taking them I tried to do the Body Beast bulk chest workout and struggled to finish it because I was knackered at the end of it.

But after I started taking the CB bulking stack not only was I able to finish the workouts but I found them easy.

So I started doing double workouts.

For example if it was chest day that I’d do the Body Beast chest workout and then when I was finished I would restart the dvd and do it again!

And at the end of every workout I’d do max reps of my favorite exercise just to go the extra mile.

For example on chest day at the end of the workout I would do max rep pushups.

When it came time to shower I’d be all pumped up and feeling great knowing I’d had an incredible workout.

Below I’ve designed a solid workout plan for you to follow while you’re bulking!

Feel free to modify it to whatever you feel works best. It’s just a rough guide.

So that’s it for the Crazy Bulk bulking workout schedule. Feel free to modify it to fit your own needs.

And if you find it too easy then you can either do doubles or add more exercises in there.

Now the last thing I want to talk about while bulking are the supplements that I used.

Best Supplements For Bulking

While I was bulking I tried to keep the amount of supplements I used to a minimum as things can get expensive otherwise.

Here’s what I would consider the essential supplements to take if it’s your goal to build muscle.

  1. The Crazy Bulk bulking stack or just Dbal if you’re on a budget.
  2. Whey protein to get fast acting protein after your workout.
  3. Casein protein before bed for your body to digest on overnight.
  4. Fish oil capsules which is great for the joints.
  5. Creatine monohydrate.
  6. Multivitamin.
  7. A pre workout like this one.
  8. Xtend helps with recovery.
  9. And lastly if you’re struggling to eat enough then you may need a weight gaining powder. Each scoop contains about 600 calories.

So those are the supplements that I took and recommend.

The bulking conclusion

In this section I’ve talked about diet, working-out and supplements.

To gain muscle you need to eat more, workout hard and take the right supplements.

In the past I tried eating more and workout out hard but wasn’t able to get the results that I wanted until I started taking the Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Cutting – Which Crazy Bulk Products Should You Buy For Cutting?

An often overlooked part of bodybuilding by newbies is the importance of cutting or burning fat.

When we bulk we always gain some fat too so at the end of most bulks we tend to look a little podgy.

By going on a cut we strip away all that fat which reveals more of the hard earned muscle you gained on the bulk.

The problem that a lot of guys have is that they either can’t seem to burn off the fat they gained or they can burn the fat but they also burn off muscle too which leaves them with some disappointing results.

This is why it’s important to supplement while cutting to get it done fast and minimize muscle loss.

When you’re burning fat your body is essentially eating itself so you shouldn’t do it for longer than about 4 weeks maybe 6 at the most.

This is such a short time frame you will want to get results fast.

The Crazy Bulk have some really good products for cutting and burning fat and quite honestly if you can afford it then I recommend the cutting stack which consists of;

Now if I could only choose 1 single product to use while cutting to try and burn fat and retain as much muscle as possible then I would choose Clenbutrol.

SALE: As of today, Sunday, December 17th 2017, you can get 20% off with the code SALE20 as well as buy one get one free.

The reason being is because it increases oxygen flow to the muscles while you’re working out so you can workout for longer and it also increases the rate of thermogenic burn.

Thermogenic burn is when your body temperature increases slightly which causes your body to burn calories a lot faster and because you’re cutting and on a caloric deficit your body will though fat like a knife through butter.

Here’s what one reader has to say about Clenbutrol;

Oh man where do I start? I spent 3 months bulking and felt like I got bigger and stronger and I tried to go on a cut to burn fat but i just wasn’t getting anywhere and looked like the michelin man.

I found this Clenbutrol stuff and decided to give it a shot and within days i think it helped me start burning fat.

I realized that i was able to workout for longer and I got much sweatier which is a sign of a good workout.

By the end of my workouts I was super sweaty but I felt good.

After 39 days of using Clenbutrol I am on my 2nd bottle but I am done with cutting because I have burned over 10 pounds of fat and i looked ripped like Brad Pitt from fight club.

I think this Clenbutrol is an amazing fat burner and I couldn’t have done it without it. Oh and if you haven’t heard of them then the makers are called Crazy Bulks and they are branded as legal steroids.

Personally because your cut only needs to last around 4 weeks I would recommend the cutting stack but without a doubt if I could just recommend one product for you on your cut I would recommend Clenbutrol which you can get here.

The Effects Of Using The Cutting Products

When it comes to cutting and burning fat the truth is that it sucks and it doesn’t feel good.

You don’t get to eat much and you feel tired and at some point you’ll wonder why you’re putting yourself through all this misery.

You’ll put your workout gear on while you’re low on energy and you’ll ask yourself “can I really be bothered to workout right now?”

Unfortunately in these situation many people will be forced to give up because they have a job and other things to do and they just can’t afford to feel tired all the time.

So the cut goes out the window and and they start eating more than they should.

Before they know it a few months go by and they still haven’t burned off the fat to reveal the muscle they worked so hard for.

A lot of people find they just can’t function properly when they reduce their calories and try to cut weight.

I myself know just how it feels. After a couple days of reducing your calories that chocolate bar in the cupboard becomes irresistible.

This is where the Crazy Bulk cutting products come into play.

When I started taking the cutting stack I felt like I had lots of clean energy even though I was low on calories and I discovered that I was able to workout just as hard.

This meant that I was able to burn through fat faster without feeling tired and weak.

It’s amazing because when I tried to cut in the past with no supplements I’d feel like a wreck after working out but after I started using the Crazy Bulk cutting stack I felt great after my workouts and  I never felt hungry or tired even though I was low on calories.

This meant I was able to keep my calories low and keep on working out and still function properly at work.

It also meant that my cut was much more effective and I burned through fat super fast so the cut didn’t need to last that long.

So if you’re struggling to burn fat then I would definitely recommend the cutting stack or at the very least Clenbutrol.

How to cut using the Crazy Bulk supplements


To burn fat you’re going to need to reduce your calories and change your diet.

I recommend cutting your calories by 750 per day below maintenance.

I have a Fitbit watch that tracks how many calories I burn in a day. Whatever that number happens to be I will eat 750 less the next day.

So in any given 24 hours period you’ll always be on a 750 calorie deficit.

For example if on a Thursday I burned 2,500 calories according to the Fitbit then on Friday will eat 1,750 calories.

So that’s how I kept to a calorie deficit.

What to eat

There are 2 main types of diets that most people follow when it comes to cutting.

Both of them focus on lowering your carbohydrate intake.

The first is to follow a macro ratio of;

  • 50% protein
  • 30% carbs
  • 20% fats

Carbs are the bodies main source of energy and fuel so by lowering your calories and carb intake and working out hard which the Crazy Bulk products will help you do your body will start to look elsewhere for energy and will start burning your stored fat.

When it comes to carbs when you’re cutting you’ll want to eat lot’s of vegetables, some fruit and maybe some oats.

Just remember to keep your carb intake below 30%. Again I recommend the tracker which will not only help you track calories but macros too.

Another way of burning fat is to try the Ketogenic diet which is a lot more extreme but it’s a proven way of helping your body to burn fat.

With the ketogenic diet your macros will look something like this;

  • 75% fat
  • 20% protein
  • 5% carbs

So you’re essentially starving your body of carbohydrates. By doing this you force your body to change it’s metabolism and because it has hardly any carbs to get it’s energy from it will start to burn fat.

Some of the benefits of the Ketogenic diet are;

  • You’ll burn fat fast.
  • You’ll have a more stable supply of energy as your body won’t be spiking on insulin from carbs.
  • Many people report they think more clearly while in ketosis.
  • Many people report their skin looks better while in ketosis.
  • The ketogenic diet helps preserve muscle while cutting.

The only downside is that some people report that they can’t workout as hard while in ketosis because they don’t have the carbohydrates to help them push further.

However the Crazy Bulk supplements should help with this.

If you want to learn more about the Ketogenic diet then this page here is a good read.

Some of the essential foods for the Ketogenic diet are;

  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Meat with the fat on.
  • Fatty salmon.
  • Omega 3 fish oil.
  • Eggs

After having tried the Ketogenic diet myself I can honestly say that I love it and hate it.

On one hand my head felt super clear and I got lots of work done, my skin looked smooth as a babies and I felt pretty good but it was just horrible having to avoid carbs all the time.

So personally I prefer to have some carbs in my diet and while I was cutting I stuck to these macros;

  • 50% protein
  • 30% carbs
  • 20% fats

And that worked for me.

So that’s all I have to say about dieting and calories while cutting.

Working out while cutting

Working out while cutting is a bit different to working out while bulking because your goal is to burn fat not build muscle.

So you don’t want to be lifting too heavy because this will breakdown your muscle fibers and because you’re on a calorie deficit your body won’t be able to properly repair and rebuild itself like it could when you were bulking.

This is why I recommend upping your cardio and when it comes to the weights take it a bit easier.

But don’t lift too light as you still want to use your muscles and keep them strong.

The Crazy Bulk cutting stack will help you to maintain muscle mass so you can still lift pretty heavy but just not as heavy as you would if you were on a bulk.

While I was cutting I followed the Body Beast beast phase  and added in some extra cardio.

Here’s an example week for you to follow;

Intermittent fasting

One of the best ways to burn fat while cutting is to try intermittent fasting followed by a workout on an empty stomach.

Intermittent fasting is when go an extended period of time without eating.

For example you might have dinner one evening and then not eat until lunch time the next day.

Your eating window might be between 12pm and 7pm.

The idea here is to allow your body to deplete its glycogen stores before you workout so that your body starts to burn fat for fuel during the workout.

If you’re following the Ketogenic diet then you should avoid intermittent fasting because your body is already burning fat for fuel anyway.

By doing your workouts at about 11am on an empty stomach during a fast your body will burn fat faster.

I recommend doing some intermittent fasting towards the end of your cutting phase while using the Crazy Bulk supplements to help get you through your workouts and preserve muscle.

So now I’ve covered how to eat while you’re cutting and also how to workout.

Best Supplements For Cutting.

  1. The Crazy Bulk cutting stack or Clenbutrol if you only want to buy one product because it will help give you the energy to workout and it prevents muscle loss and it’s also a thermogenic fat burner.
  2. A multivitamin. You need a good multivitamin when you’re cutting because you’re eating less and won’t be getting all the nutrients you need.
  3. Creatine monohydrate.
  4. Xtend recovery drink.
  5. A good preworkout like this one.

That’s all the supplements that I use while I’m cutting.

So I think that concludes how to use the Crazy Bulk supplements during your cutting phase.

The Crazy Bulk Strength Stack

If your goal is to build strength because maybe you’re a strong man or you’ve already reached your muscle gaining goals and just want to get stronger then you should take a look at the Crazy Bulk strength stack which consists of;

  • Testo-Max
  • Trenorol
  • Anvarol
  • D-Bal

This stack will help boost your testosterone, maintain muscle mass and improve your performance during your workouts.

You’ll feel more explosive and energetic too which is great for strength building workouts when you need that extra push.

It also has DBal in in which is one of my favorite products.

During a regular bodybuilding workout it’s pretty standard if you’re trying to build muscle to do 8 reps max.

However if it’s your goal to get stronger then you may want to up your weight and go for a 5 rep max instead.

Like Tim did here;

Somebody was asking about the crazybulk strength stack on here last week so I thought I would chime in with my thoughts on it.

I’ve been using this stack because I wanted to get stronger.

At first I wasn’t too impressed. This was my fault as I think in my head I was expecting to take them and immediately hit the gym and lift weights like the hulk.

I took the pills an hour before my workout and by the time I got to the gym I was already feeling a difference but I defo didn’t feel like the hulk.

I’ve been using the strength stack for 4 weeks.

When I started I was able to squat 200 pounds and this morning during my workout I squatted 260 pounds.

So ihe stack definitely works.

When I’m working out I feel a lot stronger and I definitely feel like I’m on something.

Anyway. Hope that helps.


You can get the strength stack here.

The Crazy Bulk Growth Hormone Stack

Recently I noticed that the CrazyBulk website listed a new stack called the “Growth Hormone Stack” and to be honest I actually think it’s a great stack if you want to get muscular ripped and feel great but don’t want to go on a bulk.

The growth hormone stack contains;

  • Decaduro
  • HGH-X2
  • Testo-Max
  • DBAL
  • Clenbutrol

Because this stack contains testosterone boosters you will feel younger, healthier and have more energy.

And because it contains DBal which is my favorite product from the bulking stack it you’ll be able to workout extra hard and build muscle.

It also contains the fat burner Clenbutrol which will help improve your physique and keep your fat levels low so you look great.

I would say the growth hormone stack is a great option if you don’t want to go on a bulk but still want to workout hard and improve your physique as it will help you to build and maintain muscle and shred fat at the same time.

I think this stack would also be a good option if you’ve already done your bulk and cut and you’re looking for something to help maintain and sharpen up your physique.

Here’s an email I got recently about the growth hormone stack;

Hey man, I was reading your Tender Buttons Crazy Bulk review. Great results bro.

I don’t know if you’ve seen their new growth hormone stack yet but it came out a few weeks ago and I bought it.

Someone said on Facebook that it a good stack to use if you workout regularly and just want to get fitter and look better which is right up my alley.

I didn’t want to go on another bulk but I felt like some areas of my body were lacking muscle and definition so I thought this stack would be worth a try.

Well just like you said on your site I could feel this stuff working from day 1.

My workout used to last about 60 minutes but the last month they last about 90 mins to 2 hours.

I feel so healthy and energetic too.

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve burned so much fat that my abs have almost no fat on them and I can barely pinch a millimeter.

I think that’s because of the Clenbutrol.

And I have definitely built some muscle in the areas that I was lacking too.

Overall I feel like my body composition is a lot more even and I feel more confident when I look in the mirror.

This stuff really works. To be honest with you I don’t want to go back to working out without this stuff again because I feel so good on it.

I mean even my skin is looking unnaturally smooth and I never get afternoon slumps anymore.

Even my girlfriend is jealous at how good my skin is looking and how much energy I seem to have lol.

I think it’s because the Testomax is a testosterone booster which is why I’m feeling younger and healthier.

Do you think the Crazy Bulk growth hormone stack is safe to take long term?

To save money I’m considering instead of using the growth hormone stack I could use DBal, Clenbutrol and Testomax together.

That way I get to keep fat under control and still get the explosiveness and great workouts from Dbal and feel young and healthy from the Testomax.

What do you think?

I look forward to your reply, Tom.

P.S feel free to share this little review on your blog if you want.

To answer Tom’s questions from the email..

Are the Crazy Bulk products safe to take long term? Yes they are because they’re made up of natural and organic ingredients.

However you may want to take a break from them every couple of months. That way when you go back to using them you get to appreciate just how powerful they are again.

And yes Tom I think DBal, Clenbutrol and Testomax is a really good combo if you’re just trying to get improve your workouts and feel better without going on a bulk.

There’s a sale on today, Sunday, December 17th 2017, if you use the code SALE20 you can get 20% off of the growth hormone stack here.

I actually plan on picking this stack up myself in the future.

Crazy Bulk For Women

Have you noticed that more and more women these days seem to be lifting weights in the gym.

It used to be a guy thing but a growing number of women are getting involved with weight training.

That’s because weight training is the best way for women to tone up and burn fat.

Gone are the endless days of running on a treadmill.

Now women are picking up the iron too.

Here’s some of the pics from the Crazy Bulk website womens section..


The products recommended for women are;

  • Clenbutrol because it’s a powerful fat burner.
  • Winsol because it helps improve performance, maintain muscle mass and burn fat.
  • Anvarol because it will help build strength and improve performance.

If you’re a woman and your goal is to build muscle then you should definitely give DBal a try too.

I think using Dbal and Clenbutrol together would make a great combination for women who want to really tone up, get stronger and burn fat.

This combination will really help transform your physique and you’ll be looking and feeling great.

Since writing this section I received this email from a lady who followed my recommendation and used D-Bal with Clenbutrol.

Hi Jack! My name is Chloe and I’ve been a reader of your site for a while because I’ve been umming and ahhing about trying the Crazy Bulk products.

As a woman I was worried about using these supplements because I didn’t want to end up looking like a man but I wanted to get a bit stronger and really tone up and burn some fat.

So I decided to give it a try and if I started to look too manly then I would stop using them.

I bought Clenbutrol and DBal together and I started doing the P90X3 program 60 days ago.

First of all I should mention that I tried doing P90X3 last year but I couldn’t do it because I was too out of shape and the workouts were too hard for me!

But after I started taking the CrazyBulk supplements I pretty much nailed every workout from the get go!

I was amazed at how fast I burned through the fat that covered my stomach and I started to feel so much stronger.

It’s been 60 days and I look like a completely different person.

I’ve really toned up and yes I look stronger than before but I don’t look manly.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks because I bought on your recommendation after reading your site.

So thanks!

I’ve attached a pic below.

If you’re a woman and you want to burn fat and take something to help you finish your workouts then I would recommend;

  • Clenbutrol + Anvarol.

If you’re a woman and you really want to tone up and get stronger then a good stack would be;

  • Clenbutrol + DBal

If you’re a woman who wants to burn fat, tone up and have amazing workouts then the ultimate stack would be;

  • Clenbutrol + DBal + Anvarol

If you use the code SALE20 then you can save 20% on all products for the next 24 hours as of Sunday, December 17th 2017.

Plus if you add to products to your cart then you get a third free.

Crazy Bulk for Gynecomastia or Moobs

1 out of every 2 men on earth have some form of Gynecomastia which is the fancy word for moobs.

Most of us who workout are trying to build up our chest muscles because it looks good but a lot of guys who suffer from moobs don’t have muscle but fat.

It is actually possible to get rid of moobs using the Crazy Bulk product called Gynectrol.

I wrote more about Gynectrol here which is worth a read if you’re suffering from fatty moobs that you’d like to get rid of.

I even gave a step by step system on how to get rid of them.

Gynecomastia is essentially just a build up of adipose fat that gathers around the muscle in the chest area.

The ingredients in Gynectrol help to thermogenically burn fat in stubborn place.

Usually for us guys when it comes to burning fat the last places to go are the belly and the chest but the ingredients in Gynectrol help your body to target these areas first when it starts to burn fat.

You do need to combine it with exercise and a calorie deficit too but as you’ll see from Craigs testimonial below it’s possible to get rid of moobs fast if that’s your goal.

I wasn’t that overweight but I had some serious gyno problems. When I wore a tshirt I just looked odd.

Most of the fat was in my chest area.

I did intermittent fasting and dieted and ran every day but I’d get slimmer elsewhere on my body but my gyno didn’t change.

Then I started taking Gynectrol which I found on the Crazy Bulk website and I continued to run every day for 30 minutes as well as doing intermittent fasting every other day and I kept to my low carb diet.

Now I’m on my third bottle of Gynectrol and my gyno-moobs are about 10% of the size they were before.

Here’s my pics.


My chest doesn’t look odd anymore and I feel comfortable wearing tshirts again.

The only thing I did differently was that I started taking Gynectrol so I know that it works.

I was considering surgery so I’m happy I found this stuff.

If you combine it with a low carb diet, eat a bit less and do some exercise then I’m sure Gynectrol will work for you too.

If you’re having problems with moobs then checkout my post on Gynectrol here to learn how to get rid of them.

How To Cycle With The Crazy Bulk Products

I’ve heard a lot of people asking how they should cycle with these supplements.

With legal steroids you have a lot more leeway because they’re a lot safer than regular roids.

If you’re just looking to use something like D-Bal and Clenbutrol together to boost your workouts and improve your physique then you can pretty much take them for as long as you like.

Now that I’ve finished bulking and cutting I continue to take Testomax, Dbal and Clenbutrol together because I love the effects that they provide.

But if you’re bulking and cutting then you will either be eating a lot or eating too little which is not good for the body.


If you’re bulking then I recommend doing it for no longer than 8-12 weeks..

The bulking stack from the Crazy Bulk website lasts for 4 weeks so you’ll need to buy 2 stacks but the cool thing is that they have a buy 2 get one free offer which includes their stacks as well.

So if you buy 2 bulking stacks which will last 8 weeks they will give you another stack free which so you can extend your bulk for another 4 weeks for free.

Plus you can still use the code SALE20 and get another 20% off which makes for some big savings.


When you’re cutting weight and eating less you’re essentially forcing your body to feed on itself for energy.

It’s best to not do this for too long so I would recommend cutting for no longer than 4-8 weeks.

Thankfully the cutting stack works fast and will help you train harder even though you’re low on calories so your cut shouldn’t need to last too long.

So to conclude I recommend bulking for 8-12 weeks and cutting for 4-8 weeks.

And if you’re not bulking or cutting and just want to improve your physique, boost your workouts and feel great then you can take them for as long as you like.

Why Should You Use Crazy Bulk Over The Competition?

For this website and for my own personal bodybuilding and training goals I’ve researched and tried quite a few products from companies selling legal steroids and the truth is that most of the products on the market are complete junk and the only place for them is in the bin.

I’ve tried the CrazyMass products and felt absolutely nothing after taking them.

I’ve tried pretty much all of the popular legal steroid supplements being sold and some of them definitely work a little but not that much.

The only company that is selling stuff that works right now is the Crazy Bulk company.

They’re the only products I’ve tried that you can feel them working and see the effects fast.

Believe me if they sucked then I’d be the first to complain about them.

Until something better comes along the only legal steroids I can recommend right now are the ones from the Crazy Bulk website.

The Crazy Bulk vs Real Steroids

So the main reason that you should choose the Crazy Bulk legal steroids over “real” steroids is because there are currently no negative side effects to taking legal steroids.

Whereas the “real” stuff can mess you up bad. Just take a look at these side effects;

  • Acne.
  • Mood swings.
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Restlessness.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Restless sleep or in some cases insomnia.
  • Impotence.
  • Heart attacks.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Mania.
  • Stroke.
  • Aggression.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Liver tumors.
  • Paranoia.
  • Headaches.
  • Joint pains.
  • Hair loss.
  • Depression.

Many of these side effects can lead to death.

This is why I recommend avoiding the “real” steroids completely.

Sure you could use them and be fine but why take the chance when you don’t need to.

The legal steroid alternatives aren’t as potent as the real chemical based anabolics and it will take a bit longer to see results with the legal stuff but they’re worth it because they are cheaper, they’re effective and they won’t harm your health.

So that’s why I recommend the steroids over the illegal ones.

Here’s what one user who has used both anabolics and legal steroids has to say;

I started using Tren before summer last year. In the beginning it was going good. I saw gains and thought I was going to have a great summer.

Well it didn’t take long for the side effects to kick in. I started having real trouble sleeping and my heart started beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

And I started getting shooting pains in the liver area.

I also became really irritable and started coughing really bad.

I realized it was the Tren causing the problems so because I didn’t want to die I stopped taking it lol.

Within a week I was fine and back to my normal self again.

I’m in my 30’s so my testosterone levels aren’t what they used to be so I struggle to workout longer than 30 minutes.

So recently a few months ago I started taking this Crazy Bulk legal steroids stuff.

I heard they were good but to be honest I was doubtful that this “legal” stuff would work.

Still I wanted to give it a try tho.

I purchased Dbal, Trenorol and Testomax and Clenbutrol.

The Dbal and Trenorol are for building muscle. The Testomax is to boost testosterone and the Clenbutrol is to burn fat.

You’ll notice that the Crazy Bulk supplements are named similarly to the real anabolics.

Like Trenorol is meant to be like Trenbolone.

I started taking them and within a couple of days I started to feel completely different.

Much more alert and full of energy so I started working out again. My first day back to working out my workout lasted over an hour. Twice as long as normal.

I felt like a younger man again.

Since I started using the CrazyBulk supplements I’ve transformed the way I look and feel.

I no longer have big old belly and I’ve burned lots of fat and I’ve become much stronger too.

I’m a lot more muscular and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.

Plus I just feel a lot better. Happier, healthier, more energetic and less groggy.

Oh yeah and most importantly I’ve noticed no negative side effects from taking the Crazy Bulk legal steroids and I can confirm that they really do work.

I’ve used Tren (the illegal stuff) and Trenorol (the legal one) and I can say that the legal stuff isn’t as powerful as the illegal stuff but it really does work and I would recommend it because it won’t harm or kill you!

So I just wanted to talk about my experience as I’ve been on both sides of the fence and if you want my advice then I would say stay away from the illegal stuff and give the Crazy Bulk stuff a try instead.


So there you have it. You’d be crazy to inject yourself with chemicals these days when there are legal and safe alternatives that work.

Maintaining Results

First of all I started using the bulking stack and I could really feel it working. I felt younger, stronger and it helped me build some real muscle.

And then I used their cutting stack to help me burn off some fat and improve my physique.

Since then I have continued to take the Crazy Bulk supplements because I just love the way I feel when I take them.

So to maintain my results and to keep working out hard I now take;

  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max
  • Clenbutrol

I take the D-Bal so I can stay strong.

The Testo-Max because it helps to boost testosterone and makes you feel good and healthy.

And the Clenbutrol to keep fat under control.

Another option..

Another stack that I may try soon that I think would be good for maintenance and keeping you looking and feeling great would be;

  • Trenorol
  • HGH-X2
  • NO2-Max
  • Testo-Max

The Trenorol will help you to keep your muscle and stay strong and will boost your workout performance.

The HGH-X2 will help to keep fat under control and help you recover and feel good.

And the NO2-Max is a great performance and workout booster.

And Testo-Max again because it increases testosterone levels and makes you feel healthy and young.

Maintenance conclusion: So there’s a couple of stack options if you’re looking for something to help you maintain your results.

Personally I just love the way I feel when I’m using the Crazy Bulk products and because I know they’re safe to take I just don’t want to stop taking them.

It’s also important to remember when you’re not bulking or cutting to keep track of your diet and what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.

Personally I use a Fitbit watch to track how many calories I’m burning and whatever that number may be I will eat that amount of calories the next day.

For example if I burned 2,600 on Monday then on Tuesday I will eat 2,600 calories so during any given 24 hour period I’m always eating the same amount of calories that I’ve burned off to maintain my weight.

Again I recommend for tracking what you’re eating.

As for macros I eat;

  • 50% carbs
  • 25% protein
  • 25% fat

I actually think for maintenance it’s worth trying out the Ketogenic diet because a lot of people report that they feel great on it.

I may try the Keto diet again soon so I’ll update here on how that goes.

My Favorite Bulking Product

As you know by now I think the bulking stack is really good but I know that it’s a little expensive for some when you consider that you’re probably going to need to buy it 2-3 times if you’re bulk lasts 8-12 weeks.

So if you’re looking to bulk and you can only use one product then for me it’s a choice between D-Bal and Trenorol.

They’re both really good and you’ll get amazing results with either but if you want my advice then I would say buy D-Bal as it feels a little bit more powerful and more effective to me.

With D-Bal you’ll build muscle fast and your workouts will feel more explosive and worthwhile.

With Trenorol you’ll build muscle but instead of feeling explosive you’ll feel like you have more endurance and can workout for longer.

Personally I would go for D-Bal.

Right now you can save lots of money because they have a buy 2 get one free offer and you can also use the code SALE20 to save another 20%.

You can get 20% off of D-Bal here with code SALE20.

My Favorite Cutting Product

For me the cutting phase of bodybuilding is horrible and I really struggle with it so I need some help.

The Crazy Bulk guys have put together a good cutting stack but again if I could only use one product to help me with my cutting phase then without question it would be Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol will help you to churn through fat and give you the energy you need to get through your workouts and the rest of your day.

But most importantly it will also help to make sure your retain all that hard earned muscle you gained while bulking.

So if you’re looking for a good product to help you get through your cutting phase then buy Clenbutrol here and get 20% off with code SALE20.

My Favorite Product For Maintenance

So this is a hard one because as you know for maintenance right now I am using D-Bal, Clenbutrol and Testo-Max so choosing just one to use long term is hard but I would have to go with Testo-Max.

The reason being that I’m not trying to bulk or cut so I don’t necessarily need D-Bal or Clenbutrol.

The Testo-Max helps to boost your testosterone levels which helps you to feel great.

When your testosterone levels go up some amazing things happen such as;

  • You’ll look and feel younger.
  • Your skin will look and feel better.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • Your mood will be more consistent and you’ll feel happier.
  • You’ll sleep better.
  • You’ll have a clearer mind.

I really do like the Crazy Bulk Testo-Max product and it’s something I can see myself taking for a long time to come.

When you take it you just feel so much better all the time and because it increases your testosterone levels it will help you to workout harder and improve your physique too.

So it’s a hard one but if I could only choose one product for maintenance and something that will just help you feel better that you can take pretty much forever to improve your life then I would recommend Testo-Max.

You can buy Testo-Max from the Crazy Bulk website here.

As I said above if you buy 2 they’ll give you a third bottle free and if you use the code SALE20 you can save another 20%.

Combining The Crazy Bulk Products With A Good Pre Workout

Over the years I’ve tried tons of pre workout supplements and you can feel most of them working because they contain beta-alanine (the ingredient that makes you feel itchy.)

But many of them either make you feel jittery or the effects just don’t last long enough.

Now the Crazy Bulk supplements will help you to build muscle and you’ll feel better taking them but if you combine them with a good pre workout supplement then you will literally turbo charge your workouts and get better results even faster.

There are 2 pre workouts that I recommend.

The first is called Black Wolf and you can buy that here.

Black Wolf is my number 1 pick when it comes to pre workout powders.

When you take it you get a consistent clean energy and the itchiness isn’t over bearing.

It’ll help you to lift heavier and workout longer without getting tired and it goes great with the Crazy Bulk products.

Drink it 10-15 minutes before your workout and you’ll wonder how you ever used to workout without it.

The second pre workout that I recommend is called PULSE and it’s available on Amazon.

The reason that I like this one is because it has the right amount of each ingredient so you won’t feel super itchy and you’ll get the boost you need to smash your workouts.

Plus it lasts quite a while if you just take 1 scoop per day.

It’s a little bit more expensive than most pre workout powders but you get what you pay for in this case.

Believe me when you combine the Crazy Bulk products with a good pre workout like the ones I recommend about you’ll feel like a machine and you’ll see results very fast.

Post Workout

Now if you’re taking the bulking stack then you’ll also be recovering faster thanks to Testo-Max and Decaduro but I also like to go one step further and use a recovery powder called Xtend.

If you find that the next day after your workout that you feel really sore from yesterdays workout then you need to try a post workout powder like Xtend.

It contains BCAAs which are amino acids and will really help eliminate soreness.

The Marine’s 40% Rule – Power Of The Mind

In 2009 researchers gathered together 2 groups of men for an experiment.

In round 1 they had both groups lift weights to get a baseline.

In round 2 they gave one group a placebo pill and told them it would help them lift heavier.

The group that took the placebo did indeed lift much heavier than before.

The other group that didn’t take the placebo lifted the same as in round one.

This just proves the power of the mind.

The group that took the placebo were able to lift heavier simply because they thought they could.

The marines have something called the 40% rule.

Whenever you think you’re done you’re actually only about 40% done.

This is especially true when it comes to working out.

Most people will do some pushups and then stop as soon as they start to feel a bit of burn and then they quit.

Well the truth is that they were probably only about 40% done and if they could probably keep going if they really wanted too.

So the next time that you’re working out and you feel like you’re done then just remember that you’re probably only about 40% done so keep going!

Progress and results come from hard work and dedication.

The Crazy Bulk supplements will help you break through that 40% barrier and help you reach your full potential.

When you start realizing your full potential amazing things will happen.

Should You Buy The Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids?

I’ve tried tons of legal steroids and the only ones I’ve found to work are the ones from the Crazy Bulk website.

They have tons of good reviews and people are using them to get real results.

Whatever your fitness goals are there’s a product on their website that will help you reach that goal.

But remember you also need to combine them with hard work and dedication.

You’ll get the best results if you eat right and give it everything you have during your workouts.

Just remember the 40% rule. Whenever you think you’re done you’re probably only about 40% done so push harder and don’t quit too early!

The thing I like about these supplements the most is that you can actually feel them working fast and you’ll see the changes happen before your eyes.

Like I said above I used the bulking stack and the cutting stack but if you’re looking to bulk up then their best product for that is D-Bal and if you want to burn fat then I would recommend Clenbutrol.

If you want to feel younger then give Testo-Max a try.

And if you’re not really looking to bulk and cut and just want to have better workouts, feel better and improve your physique then D-Bal and Clenbutrol would make a good combination.

So I think that about sums up everything you need to know about the Crazy Bulk legal steroids!

They’re safe and if you give them a try then you will be amazed at your results and at how fast they work.

And trust me when you see how powerful they are you’ll never want to workout again without them.

How To Save Money On The Crazy Bulk Products

Right now there is a buy 2 get one free offer on all products including the stacks.

And every now and then I see that they have a sale on where you can save an extra 20%.

SALE! Today, Sunday, December 17th 2017, you can use the code SALE20 and get an extra 20% off all of the Crazy Bulk products on this page here.

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Amazing results and I love the website. I’m really trying to build some muscle but it’s hard. I think I’ll give the Crazy Bulk stuff a try.


Is anyone else here using the bulking stack and doing the beach body master and chisel program?

I’m wondering whether to do Body Beast or Master and Chisel to make gains?


Hi Ste, I would go with body beast over master and chisel. BB is much better for building muscle imo.

I’m too scared to inject steroids lol so I’ve been using the bulking stack and doing my own thing at the gym. I just wanted to say thanks for writing this MASSIVE review! That’s got to be like 20,000 words or something right? Anyway I read it all before buying and it was very helpful. Oh yeah and the bulking stack is definitely working. I have made good gains and am looking the best I ever have. In the past 5 weeks I went from 155 to 176. I would say that only a few pounds of that was fat… Read more »

Hi Merson, my results are similar to yours. I gained about 20lbs too in 6 weeks with very litle fat. It happens so fast!


Is it safe to take this stuff long term? It’s not going to mess up my insides or anything is it? i plan on bulking for 6 months straight.


Is this stuff legit? Like does it actually work or is it just placebo?


Are the results of using this permanent. Will I lose my gains if I stop taking them? My friend used steroids before summer and when he stopped taking them he deflated in like 6 weeks.

Will this happen with Crazy Bulk?


Are the Crazy Bulk legal steroids the best or are there any better ones out there?

I think these look great but would like to hear if anyone has found anything better first. Thanks.


I wonder if this stuff and help me build muscle in my 40s? I have little fat but I’m very skinny and would like to build some muscle before it’s too late.

Do you think they will help someone like me?


This is the best crazy bulk review I’ve read Jack!

I feel like you are being honest about it and I have decided to give the bulking stack a try and I have scheduled in 2 hours per day for working out in the afternoons.

I am going to make my macros;

– 1.2 grams of protein per 1lb of lean body mass.
– 40% carbs.
– The rest will be healthy fats.

Sound good?


They have quite a lot of products on their website. I can’t get the entire cutting stack right now. What’s the best single product they sell just for burning fat?


Yeah clenbutrol is good. I also like their Anvarol product which helped me burn some fat.


Incredible review jack and I love your site. Keep up the good work.

By the way do you think creatine is necessary to take while using the crazy bulk supplements?

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